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Jason The X's Top Ten Star Wars The Black Series Figures

May the 4th be with you all! Yes it’s that time of the year when us Star Wars fans just treat a little bit more special than any other day of the year. In honor of this day I decided to take a look at the Top Ten Star Wars: The Black Series figures.

Now I don’t like top ten lists cause I love all my toys equally but sometimes, like with multiple children, you need to clarify which ones are better. Honestly I should have put the Speeder Bike on here but it was between it and the Tauntaun I had to make a hard choice.  

There you have it, my top ten Star Wars The Black Series figures and if you disagree there’s plenty of chances for you to comment and tell me which should have made it, which shouldn’t be on the list, and to tell me I’m wrong cause you know, opinions and the internet.

 Be sure to keep it tuned to Cinelinx as we celebrate Star Wars Day here on the site! 

-Jason the X

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