Nerd Approved: Lot 13 Comic Book Review



Niles’ latest work project for DC Comics is entitled Lot 13 and picks up in the 1600s in Fairfax County, Virginia. We learn it’s the site of many atrocities committed in the name of God and religion. The settlers who came to the New World are superstitious and obsessed with finding heretics, witches, and other evildoers.

As a family packs up to begin their new life in Fairfax, supernatural warnings occur in the form of ghostly and bloody specters. When arriving at their new home, they find it unprepared to move in. The family is forced to stay in a mysterious apartment building that appears to be in the middle of nowhere. The young son finds himself face-to-face with what could only be an apparition of a strange man. What are these aberrant visions and sinister happenings trying to warn the family of?

lot13-4As I closed the first issue of Lot 13, I felt something I never wanted to with Niles. I was underwhelmed… and yet hopeful this is the sort of story that shouldn’t be judged right away because it’s just setting things up. I have full confidence the ever creative Niles has a few new and disturbing tricks up his sleeve.

Glenn Fabry’s artwork is quite intricate and pleasing to the eyes. His illustrations are not for the faint of heart. There are a few panels of the book which are graphic and unsuitable for the squeamish. However, gore hounds will be pleased.

lot13-3Although the first issue of Lot 13 didn’t completely win me over, it ultimately did its job. I do want to check out the next couple of installments to get a taste of where writer Steve Niles takes us. If his past track record proves anything, he’ll deliver plenty of bloody brilliance after this slow start.