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How Your Favorite 90’s Cartoon Relates To Your Games

We all love the 90’s, its one of the best decades since, well, the 70’s! Okay I am slightly joking there and I felt like having a little fun, so don’t take this article all too serious. However the 90’s were iconic in many ways, and were even one of the biggest booms for video games. However one thing that is for sure is the fact cartoons in the 90’s totally kicked ass! So I figured I’d try to find a connection between your favorite cartoons and the games you probably play.


It was a really kiddy show, but even for the little kids it seemed to be more for the brainy ones that loved to at least seem smart. Very few “cool” kids would admit they ever knew the show existed, but hey it’s their loss….right?

With that simple fact I’d assume all the fellow Arthur fans probably fall into hardcore opposite ends of the gaming world. Either you became a hardcore strategy game fan, fell in love with games with huge lore backgrounds, or something of that nature. Or you went the opposite route, stuck with the books, and only enjoy video games on a casual basis. Either way I think both groups would definitely hate Call of Duty and all related titles with a passion.

Rocket Power

This show was for the skaters, and back in the 90’s there were a whole lot more of them. It was for the hardcore sports fans, but most off all the kids that liked to be a little daring with thing. So where do you guys end up?

Well if Tony Hawk was still popular you would probably still be sitting at the midnight launch of every title. You probably enjoy the heck out of Skate, and miss all the sport title we used to get. Remember the scooter games on PS1? Yeah those were your glory days. By now you probably all shifted to shooters and whatever is popular at the time.

Spider-Man / Batman Animated Series’

Spider-Man has a way of dominating cartoons every time he is around and the 90’s were no exception. The only cartoon that was better? Well it was Batman, but I figured fans would be able to accept both and fall into the same area.

These show were great because they had story arcs, and not many cartoons do. They had character development, great designs, and awesome voice overs. With that being said you obviously enjoy great games that provide the same aspects. Metal Gear, Batman, anything with a great in depth story, good arcs, and something creative to go along with it. You are probably also having the most fun as a gamer period.


Can you even mention 90’s cartoons without talking about Pokemon? This show was like a massive virus. Even if you hated the shows guts you couldn’t help but to hear about it on a daily basis. Who here cried during the movie in a specific scene? Raise your hand.

Okay nostalgia aside, do I seriously have to type out what game you probably enjoy? Honestly, if you are reading this far and still have no idea then go grab a glass of water and dump it on your head. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you….If you still haven’t figured it out, then its Pokemon. Yes you probably have caught every single Pokemon that has ever been programmed in a Pokemon game, you have every badge they ever made up, and probably wet yourself to our Pokemon Black and White news.


What was slightly more complicated that Pokemon? Yu-gi-oh, and it wasn’t the only show to do it. However it was there, and it got popular, and heck even I enjoyed it to an extent.

What do you enjoy? Well probably anything that isn’t popular, or any game that goes up against the popular guy with the same tactics as the popular guy. Call of Duty is cool? You like Battlefield, why? Well you don’t know why, you just do.


If this was your favorite show then you are probably a good guy/girl with a kind understanding. You probably still ask yourself why a certain character was “turquoise” to this day, and haven’t had much luck with the ladies. Dang macho douche-bags always getting in the way!

So what did you do? You probably turned to World of Warcraft or some other RPG, heck maybe even Second Life, where you can communicate nicely still and continue to relate to a character like Doug….but this time you created him. Yeah that girl is probably still “just friends” with you.

Invader Zim

This one is hard, because this show was extremely awesome. The issue? Well the people the show made fun of all the time enjoyed the show because…well…the show was right, they are ignorant. If you are one of those people then Gir is probably one of your favorite characters. The rest of us saw it for what it was, a show mocking society in a very creative way.

If you fall into the first category you don’t play games at all. You “pretend” to play games. Maybe you are a girl and you are trying to impress that Call of Duty loving boy. You act like you play games but in reality you just heard someone talking about it, watched gameplay on Youtube, or just repeat what other people say….and this probably doesn’t stop at video game discussions either. If you are in the second group well I’m not entirely sure what games you enjoy. Perhaps you are too busy making fun of gamers, I don’t know.

Ed, Edd, and Eddy

You play Call of Duty, I’m not even going to sugar coat it. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved Ed, Edd, and Eddy, but I can’t think of any other genre this crowd enjoys.

Rocko’s Modern Life

Saved the best for last, yes I did. There is something special about Rocko, and its similar to Invader Zim. A majority of the jokes and scenarios in Rocko were geared to make adults laugh, yet as kids we enjoyed it too. Some of us caught on fast, and that’s probably why Nickelodeon isn’t like the 90’s anymore. Then again Spongebob sneaks a few in there here and there.

However this is the crowd I’d like to call the roamers. You enjoy a wide variety of games simply because of your understanding. We enjoyed the show, and as kid we didn’t know why. We didn’t know dirty adult jokes were flying by, we just knew it was funny. Some of us were smart enough to figure it out fast and had a sophisticated sense of humor. I would assume that allows the group to enjoy a wider variety of games.

Like I said this article is more fun than anything, don’t take it as facts and get mad about it. In fact I want to hear scenario from you. Do you think any of these were right? Far wrong? What shows did you enjoy and what category do you fit in? Facing facts the 90's were awesome and there were a ton (a TON) of great cartoons from that era so of course we couldn't touch upon them all in one article. Heck my favorite Looney Tunes somehow got left out, so get it at. Tell us your favorite cartoon and where you think it matches current video games. Feel free to tell us here or over at The Movie Pool as well!

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