Road Trips Will be Awesome When You Can Play Games on Your Window


Ah roadtrips…that great family past time that starts off with laughter, yet ends with yelling, sorrow, and strained relationships.  However, a university project and GM are working on something that might make sitting in the car something incredibly bad-ass: smart windows.

Yeah, that’s right, a smart window, similar to a smart-phone with apps and what not, but it’s on your freaking window.  How cool is that?  GM put a challenge to an art and design university to find a way to make car rides more fun for backseat passengers.  Thus, this insanely wicked idea was born.

I know what you’re thinking.  With these swanky new handheld consoles (and even our own smart phones) what is the point of this?  The truth is, on a long extended road trip, the batteries in those handhelds just aren’t going to last.  Plus, it’s the ability to play games on your freaking window.  Why wouldn’t you want that?  Just check out this demo video to see all of the cool stuff:

Okay, before you get too excited about this, GM isn’t actually planning on implementing this yet.  It’s just research and development right now, with no plans for a mass production.  Regardless that idea behind the technology is pretty cool and it would be interesting to turn your backseat into a gaming console of sorts.  It would sure make getting stuck in a traffic jam a lot more enjoyable.

So if this technology does become available…how likely are you to get it?