What to Expect (Or Not) At The Tokyo Game Show 2012


With the Tokyo Game Show 2012 kicking off this week from September 20-23, we take a look at the games which will likely make an appearance, those that won’t, and those that we’d love to see on the show floor.

The Tokyo Game Show is always a special one as far as the gaming calendar in concerned. The Japanese market is one well different from the Western market. What we – on this side of the globe – would consider as ‘niche’ titles, tend to be all the rage in the streets of Japan, Osaka or Kyoto. This of course has at times raised questions over the relevance of the show as far as Western gaming goes, however there are always enough AAA titles on display, thus keeping this sort of scepticism at arms-reach.

Here’s a little overview of what we expect at TGS 2012:

Yakuza 5 is rumoured to have been in development for quite some time now. Although Sega has focussed much of its attention on digital releases recently, Yakuza still stands as one of its most popular IP’s. With talk of 5 open-worlds, this is shaping up to be a classic. Of course, Sega’s downsizing has its draw backs, as top budget titles such as Binary Domain almost definitely won’t make an appearance.

Capcom will no doubt flaunt more of Resident Evil 6 as it edges closer to release and expect to see more on Monster Hunter for Wii U. The beleaguered – and almost forgotten about (at E3) – PS Vita may be given a boost if Street Fighter X Tekken shows its face, but this will surely only accentuate the criticism of Vita being PS3’s smaller, weaker, younger brother.

Speaking of Wii U, the shock announcement last week regarding Bayonetta 2 and its exclusivity to Nintendo’s newest console will almost definitely be showcased at TGS. Expect much more details and trailers-a-plenty from this arcade action-shooter.

On the back of its appearance at Gamescom, it would be a safe bet to expect more from Killzone: Mercenary at Sony’s table. A PS Vita rendition of Gran Turismo is another possibility. The Last Guardian making some sort of appearance would be more than welcomed, but this is definitely wishful thinking.

Konami’s main attraction will undoubtedly be Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance but don’t expect too much more on Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. This may be slightly disappointing but Konami will be keen to ensure that Revengeance remains in the spotlight – at least for now.

Square Enix will likely be very Final Fantasy orientated this year with both Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn going shoulder-to-shoulder. A much awaited PS Vita title may be on the cards, considering Square Enix has been very slow to embrace the handheld. Dragon Quest X will also appear and expect new information regarding its Wii U port.

Nintendo historically don’t put too much forward in the way of TGS, tending to stick to their own exclusive annual events. That said, with the Wii U just over the horizon, it would be no surprise if a select amount of playable Wii U’s were found strewn across the floor.

Of course there are loads of games we’ve missed out here, but enough to get the juices flowing for now. Stay tuned for updates over the expo’s duration!

– Joe