Space Run - The Review

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Space Run - The Review


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Tower Defense Meets On-Rails Shooter In A Original Hybrid Experience
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Tower defense meets a side-scrolling space trucking on rails experience. Does it deliver the goods or lose its load in space?

When I was a kid, there was a film that I watched just as much as Star Wars whenever it came on TV, that film was Smokey And The Bandit. In it, Burt Reynolds played the aformentioned Bo "Bandit" Darville, a man who did things they said could not be done.  In a way, I always wanted to be the Bandit, save with less risk and the ability to stay on my own couch. When I recently picked up a copy of Space Run, I felt a little of that magic come to life


In the game, you play as the aptly named Buck Mann, a space trucker who's had a recent string of bad luck. When an opportunity presents itsself to deliver goods for an old friend, Buck jumps at the opportunity to run the haul from one station to another, which begins the game. Along the way, Buck meets up with other potential jobs via still cutscenes with some very well done voice acting of all characters, including the previosuly mentioned Buck, his companion android Aadam-12 and the various clients you will meet along the way. Your clients vary the gamut from legitmate business people to some not so "up and up" individuals.



The game itself is a 2.5D hybrid of on rails shooters with tower defense elements. I was a little dissapointed I was unable to manuever my ship in typical WASD fashion, but that was made up by the fact I had full and (mostly)free reign with placements of weapons, shields and engines, which comes in handy when embarking on each run on your hex-designed vessels. Like many tower defense titles, you earn resources by taking down adversaries both enviromental and man-made in turn-based segments throughout the missions.  As you complete each mission, you are given an opportunity to engineer better gear for your next mission including shields, projectile/ion-based weaponry and better performing engines. 



The game looks amazing on both high and low end graphics cards on the system we tested this on. Colors pop in a sci-fi pallete of neons and shadows on your ship and other objects. Backgrounds are beautiful displays of gasious clouds and nebulae, which add to the atmosphere of the game in a very complimentary way. Audio in the game also had a amazing polish that is rare to find in many indie games, The aformentioned voice acting is top notch and the soundtrack is of amazing quality.


Space Run is an original idea in a crowded space of tower defense titles that have become the plat du jour in the indie gaming scene. With its amazing graphics, gameplay and sense of humor, Space Run finally allows everyone that opportunity to become the Han Solo, or in my case, The Bandit they've always wanted to be.


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Space Run - The Review
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