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Black Friday – a devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City, and one by one, basic services fail. In only days, without food or water, society collapses into chaos. The Division, an autonomous unit of tactical agents, is activated.
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Worldwide, agents have been awoken in Tom Clancy's The Division.  Is the game worth playing?  Check out our official review!

During a typical Black Friday shopping spree, a lot of money is exchanged between stores and consumers.  In Tom Clancy’s The Division, this Black Friday is not so typical, as the money that’s being exchanged has been infected with the deadly smallpox virus.  The population begins dwindling as more and more people succumb to the effects.  As more people die, criminal action starts to reign supreme.  That is, until The Division is activated.  Agents hiding as ordinary people have been activated and it’s up to them to take back New York.

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This is how Tom Clancy’s The Division begins.  However, after this incredible opener, the game becomes less about the overall story and more about rescuing New York.  That isn’t to say there isn’t any story.  In fact, there is a lot of social interaction with the people who are helping you bring some stability back to New York.  I say social interaction, but I’m using that term loosely.  Most interactions are other people talking to you while your character just stands there, silent.  It’s like every gamer-made agent is a descendent of Link from the Legend of Zelda.

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The lack of dialogue is attributed to The Division’s lack of creativity.  That sounds like a contradiction when you think of what the game is about.  On the contrary, what I mean is that The Division has a very limited character creator.  When you start out, you have 5 faces for every 5 races, represented.  Plus, there isn’t much difference in hair styles.  The only thing that will make you stand out from everyone else is if you include sunglasses or a neck tattoo.  Otherwise, the customization is lacking.  Some may argue that you can their clothes.  Sure, but that’s just clothes.  It doesn’t change the fact that every male character has short hair.  This lack of connection to your character, ultimately, forces to people to create backstories for themselves.  For instance, my character is Donny Glavitz and my buddy’s is Philip Freedom.  There’s no way to physically name your character but doing something silly like this helps when you’re roaming the streets of Manhattan.

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However, customization isn’t the only trying part of Tom Clancy’s The Division. For a game that was delayed for years, you wouldn’t expect the amount of bugs that are in the game.  One or two are fine.  That’s not a big deal.  It’s when you get repeatedly kicked out of the game, transported away during a mission, or have to wait 5 minutes for a fast travel that it starts to get annoying.  Admittedly, all of these things have happened to me.  It’s a very deflating feeling.  Luckily, Ubisoft is aware of the issues and has vowed to fix all of them.  Whenever that happens.

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Now, The Division isn’t your run of the mill, third-person shooter. Instead, The Division is mainly an Online Social MMO. This means that playing with your friends helps accentuate the experience. In fact, I would urge people to mainly play the game together. Otherwise, The Division can tend to get a little boring. Sure, the missions are still fun by yourself but The Division was meant to be a co-op game.  Besides, when you play with your friends or other gamers, they bring along new tech that you haven’t discovered yet.


For those of you who read my journal logs, you’ll remember when I fought alongside Tyler, Eric, and Rob.  Eric had this medical pack that saved our lives so many times.  Afterward, I aimed to get that tech.  During a later mission, that wasn’t documented, I was partnered up with Tyler and I had discovered the exploding ball that tracks enemies.  It was so cool, Tyler then had to go get it.  Philip Freedom and Donny Glavitz were then blowing people up with their rolling spheres of death.  That’s equally a testament to how great the abilities are in The Division, as much as it is about the co-op side.  

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The Division has enjoyable combat mechanics.  You can tell that they worked really hard on it, because it’s probably one of the best parts of the game.  It’s challenging but not to the point where it’s unnecessarily hard.  Plus, Medic, Tech, and Security abilities make it that much more fun.  Granted, some of the initial medic perks are a little pointless.  However, it makes up for it, the more you upgrade your base.  Which that is actually how all of the perks work.  In order to get stronger abilities, you must upgrade your base.  To upgrade your base, you must do specific missions for the Medic, Tech, and Security departments.  Luckily, the tech’s turret and rolling sphere of death perks help tremendously, along with the security’s shield and barricade strengthening tech.  

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My last talking point for the Division would have to be about their Dark Zone.  Ubisoft’s intentions were to create an area where society’s rules didn’t apply.  Instead, agents could fight one another and gain special points to buy amazing gear.  Here’s the catch, if you die from another agent’s hand, they can steal all your best equipment.  Crazy, right?  Well, a lot of people agreed and the Dark Zone became a much more peaceful area than Ubisoft had originally intended.  Be warned, though, that there always those people lurking so make sure you’re a high level before you journey through the Dark Zone.

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Overall, I’m really enjoying Tom Clancy’s The Division.  The story has so much potential, but co-oping fun missions with friends makes you stick around.  The bugs are a major issue but Ubisoft is working on it.  It does get boring and repetitive, if you don’t have someone to play with.  However, once you get that team together it’s a blast to wreck shop and take back New York.

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The Agents Who Play Together, Stay Together

I've thoroughly enjoyed Tom Clancy's The Division. In fact, anytime I've gone on time has just flown by because it's such a blast. I'd almost say it's a better version of Destiny. Definitely get your buds together and check it out. If your buds aren't into it, buy it anyway and find friends on there and have fun with it! I say take it easy, though. Don't try to beat it all in one day. Otherwise, you may get over it pretty quick.

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