Rumor Has It a Batman: The Long Halloween movie is Coming

Rumor Has It a Batman: The Long Halloween movie is Coming

To the delight of Batman fans everywhere, a two-part animated film adaptation of the legendary Batman story 'The Long Halloween' is reportedly in the works. Read on for details...

Reports have recently surfaced that indicate an animated film adaptation of Jeph Loeb's 'The Long Halloween' is on the way. Originally published as a mini-series from 1996-1997, 'The Long Halloween' has become a revered story among Batman fans as it set the tone for what many come to expect from the Dark Knight. Along with detailing the origins of Two-Face (formerly Harvey Dent), the story follows Batman as he races to stop Holiday, a villain who only kills on holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc.).

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According to the report, Batman: The Long Halloween will be split into two parts and will not be a part of the animated DC Universe. Rather, like Batman: The Killing Joke (2016) before it, this pair of films would exist as a standalone. There is also a list of names that are possibly working on this film and if it's true this could be the best adaptation yet. Possible voice actors include: Troy Baker (whose voiced Batman AND The Joker in the past); Jensen Ackles (of Supernatural fame); Naya Rivera; Titus Welliver and David Dastmalchian. 

Keep in mind this has not been officially announced and it's unknown when this film will become official. Hopefully we'll know before long when Batman: The Long Halloween is happening. What do you think of this rumor? Can a film do this legendary story justice? Let us know what you think!