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Will One of These Be the Official Title for Batman vs. Superman?

We've known for a while now that Batman vs. Superman was only a temporary placeholder title for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, and that WB was considering other options for a title, but they haven't revealed it yet.  While there's still a chance for Batman vs. Superman to be the final title, Warner Bros. has privately registered a bunch of new domain names, one of which could end up being the new title.  Come inside to check them out!

Studios register domain names for a wide variety of reasons, so it's important to take all of this with a grain of salt (which is why it's in Rumor Control).  I mean, WB wears many hats, and the registrations could be for games or comics as well.  The kicker here, however is they all tie in heavily to the Man of Steel title, which would make sense for the film being that it's a sequel.  Anyway, check out these potential titles that were registered (as spotted by Fusible):

“Man of Steel Battle the Knight”
“Man of Steel Beyond Darkness”
“Man of Steel Black of Knight”
“Man of Steel Darkness Falls”
“Man of Steel Knight Falls”
“Man of Steel Shadow of the Night”
“Man of Steel The Blackest Hour”
“Man of Steel The Darkness Within”

Hmmmm....Interesting.  As I said, the reason it looks like it's for the movie is because of the Man of Steel tie-in at the beginning.  While many fans are still pushing, and hoping, for some kind of World's Finest moniker thrown in there, it looks like Warner Bros could be going another direction. 

Honestly, I'm not sold on any of these titles and they feel more like something you'd see on a video game or a comic.  As I said at the beginning, that's a possibility as WB handles the games and comics as well.  For the moment, none of the websites lead anywhere, and of course WB hasn't made any official title announcement yet.  Hopefully we will hear something soon. 

If one of these turns out to be the official title, which one is your favorite?


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