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Evangeline Lily in Talks for Marvel’s Ant-Man

Former Lost star Evangeline Lily is rumored to be in talks with Marvel/Disney to appear in the upcoming super hero flick Ant-Man.

Evangeline Lily—who made a name for herself on the popular ABC TV series Lost and can currently be seen in theaters in the Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug—may soon become part of the Marvel cinematic universe. Variety has learned that the lovely Lily is currently in early negotiations to play the female lead in Ant-Man, the Phase Three film from Marvel Entertainment, which will be directed by Edgar Wright.

Ant-Man is about a scientist-turned-super-hero who gains the ability to shrink to insect size and communicate with/control ants. The movie will star Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, who becomes the new Ant-Man, succeeding the aging original Hank Pym, played by Oscar winner Michael Douglas. Lily’s part is not confirmed but rumors have her playing Pym’s daughter, as well as the love interest for Lang. (Pym has no daughter in the comics, but neither is he as old as Douglas.)

Who will Lily actually be playing? And what does this foretell for the character of the Wasp who was once rumored to be a part of the film?

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