Marvel Casts Finn Jones As Iron Fist

All the Marvel fans out there, we've got our Defenders. People have been asking for months who's going to pay Iron Fist, what's going on with Iron Fist, some even saying, what's an Iron Fist? Well all the questions are over becasue Fiin Jones will be taking the lead role as Danny Rand a.k.a Iron Fist. Now there was a call out there for maybe cast someone of asian background to play the character but it look like Marvel chose to go with a comic accurate character. 


Marvel Changes Movies Part 4: The Future

Marvel has undoubtedly done something amazing in the world of film and forever changed the landscape of Hollywood.  But can Marvel continue to innovate and stay at the forefront for years to come?  For the final part of our special feature, we asked several members of the Cinelinx team to share their thoughts on Marvel’s future.


Marvel Has Its Movies Planned For the Next 14 Years

Marvel Studios head-man Kevin Feige likes to give inside info to the press. He frequently drops quotes about upcoming projects. You may be surprised to hear just how far in advance he’s planned all the Marvel projects. In an interview with Business Week, the busy Marvel president says that he has everything planned out for the next 14 years; all the way to 2028!

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