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SCNS: Live

AnimeFest 2013: Exclusive Interview With Tomohiko Ishii

During our first day at Animefest, The team was able to interview anime producer Tomohiko Ishii, a producer at Studio Ghibli who's worked on films like Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society, and Tales from Earthsea.  Come inside to check out our interview with the man!

SCNS Live Episode 23 Cosplay Talk

It's time again for another episode of SCNS Live and tonight we've got everyone in the house! Join the whole crew as we talk some cosplay and give you some news and announcements for next week. See you tonight 7-9 p.m. Central

SCNS Live: Episode 22 - Equality in Comics

The Super Cool Nerd Show crew is coming at you live tonight directly from the ultimate nerd hangout...the comic book store.  Tonight's topic is going to be equality in comics. In this day and age are comics truly a reflection of society today?  Come in to watch the show live tonight, and be sure to sound off with your thoughts as we discuss them!

SCNS Live Episode 21- Nerds, Spies, and Toys

Good morning nerds. Tonight on the show we're going to be discussing a subject the boys brought up last week and it's the cyber security and spying issues we're facing today. While this is a little more serious topic than we usually handle you can bet there will still be our usual drinking and foolishness. See you all tonight at 7:00 p.m. Central. 

SCNS Live Vs Quakecon Day 2

Here's our day 2 coverage of Quakecon. Can't wait for next year and we got to look at some awesome tech. Above all the Virtuix system that every one of us wants one of these in our house. The boys even chugged some Bawls.....you'll just have to watch.

SCNS Live Vs. Quakecon

The SCNS Live crew went out to Quakecon to give you a taste of some of the vendors, people, and most importantly, gaming! Not only did they cover the convention they also did the video cast from the floor of the BYOC. Here's Day 1 and the show. Later this evening will be Day 2.

North Texas Comic Book Show

The SCNS Live crew went out to this North Texas Convention and did broadcasts, talked to fans, and bought some cool swag. Just an awesome show and it's getting bigger so if you're in the Dallas area you should check them out. More after the jump.

North Texas Comic Book Show with SCNS Live

The nerds went out to the North Texas Comic Book Show and got to meet a lot of the fans and they also broadcast several times from there. To all of you that came out it was great to meet you and we hope to see you guys many more times in the future.

The Wolverine Premeire

Rob, Matt, and Jason from SCNS: Live attended the premeire of The Wolverine at LOOK Cinemas in Addsion, TX and got to capture a few of the fans and some awesome prize giveaways. More after the jump.

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