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Cinelinx Presents the Live SCNS ARMS Tournament This Thursday

This Thursday, the Cinelinx/SCNS crew will be putting on another tournament to determine video game dominance!  The video game they'll be sparring over this time will be Nintendo's new fighter, ARMS.  Additionally, a new tournament and a new game means its time for some new blood to enter the arena, 3 to be exact.  So, check out the bracket below and see how all the gaming gladiators do this Thursday at 8pm CST on the SCNS youtube, twitch, and facebook channels!

ARMS Tournament

*Seed placing is based on how much time competitors have spent playing ARMS.

The rules for the tournament are as follows:

  • Each match-up will be Best out of 3 matches.  
  • The winner of the Best of 3 matches moves on to the next round.  The loser is elimated from the tournament.
  • Trash-talking is encouraged.
  • The winner of the tournament wins the title of Cinelinx/SCNS Gaming Champion and will hold the NEW championship belt, until defeated.

Join us as we crown a new Cinelinx/SCNS Gaming Champion this Thursday at 8pm CST on the SCNS youtubetwitch, and facebook channels, over Nintendo's ARMS!

Miss last week's episode?  Check it out below!

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