Tech Talk

Gadgets are a way of life with many geeks around the world, and with so many coming out to help make life easier (or just plain cool), we feel it’s important to highlight them here on Cinelinx. In Tech Talk we’ll be bringing news from the most relevant new gadgets related to our main movie and game topics on the site.

MSI Launches Line-Up of VR Ready Gaming Laptops

MSI has launched the first selection of gaming specific laptops using NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 10 Series GPU, making it ideal for gamers on the go, and ready for the future of VR gaming.  Come inside to check out their launch line-up and learn more about them!


Dlodlo Introduces Slim VR Glasses For Consumers

If you've been thinking about getting into VR but not sure what to make of the bulky headsets, tech developers Dlodlo may have your solution.  They've announced a new VR Glass set, looking to make the technology more friendly to general consumers.  Come inside to take a look!