Watch Doom Run On An Overpriced Calculator

Watch Doom Run On An Overpriced Calculator

Add "overpriced calculator" to your list of things Doom can run on, check it out after the jump.

As we figured out by now, Doom can run on anything that basically has a screen. Sometimes the screen doesn't even need a keypad either. We've seen fridges, ATM machines, keyboards, and many other things which made Doom one of our "Games We Love" titles.

Now you can add a Texas Instruments Calculator to the list. You know, those overpriced calculators you are forced to buy in college. Check it out.

Call me a disgruntled college student, but when you can buy a smartphone with more horsepower and capabilities than the calculator at a lower cost (Or even cheap alternatives), and yet not be allowed to use it instead, there seems to be something fishy. You know, like backdoor deals between a company and a school to further rip off students. But hey, at least you can play Doom on it now.