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The FatherGamer

Join Fathergamer crew as they discuss everything relevant and interesting in the industry. Warning this Podcast is explicit and may contain content too AWESOME for some.

TFGP Episode 69

In this episode of TFGP, Eric, Ransom, Kyle and Mike dive deep into a 100% WTF News episode. From sex theme parks to squirrel attacks at a senior center, we cover some of the wildest WTF stories in the past few months.

TFGP Special: Pokemon Sun and Moon

In this episode of TFGP, Eric, Kyle, Ransom, Wyatt, and a spider were out at the midnight release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. They talk Pokemon and other nerdy stuff.

TFGP Special: A Thank You To The Fathergamer

Welcome to a very special episode of The Fathergamer Podcast. As the show's producer and personal friend of The Fathergamer I know Eric had a rough year and needed some cheering up.

TFGP Episode 9: A Retrospective

On this very early episode of The Fathergamer Podcast, October 16th, 2011 to be precise, we discuss Batman: Arkham City and Battlefield.

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