10 Film franchises that need a reboot (Part 1)

10 Film franchises that need a reboot (Part 1)

Talk of rebooting or remaking a franchise of movies is always a touchy subject.  Thing is, most movies facing this ordeal are so beloved it is automatically assumed they cannot be touched.

Take for instance the remake of the classic Swedish vampire film, Let the Right One In.  On October 1st of this year, the American remake, Let Me In,  will be released.  Already it’s come under fire from fans of the original, complaining a remake is unnecessary.  Let the Right One In is such a good movie, fans are not willing to see another version of it.  But some films really could use rebooting for many reasons.  So I’ve compiled a list of 10 movie franchises that should be rebooted.


10. National Lampoon’s Vacation

Ahh, Vacation.  The staple in family road trip entertainment.  Many films this decade have tried to copy it’s successful formula of vacation hi-jinks, like Little Miss Sunshine, RV, and Are We There Yet? But since only one of those films can possibly be called good some things just aren’t working right.

So why not bring in the experts to make us laugh again?  At the time, the Vacation films were fresh, funny, and down right entertaining.  John Hughes script from the first film still holds up today, as does the one for Christmas Vacation.  Recently, the franchise has become a mockery of it self, with the mediocre Vegas Vacation and the terrible made for TV spin off film, Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure.  But if you bring in a good director, cast, and writer, a reboot of the Vacation franchise could make us laugh like we did way back in 1993.

Current Status: A new Vacation film is currently in the pipeline at New Line/Warner Bros.  The new film is to be produced and maybe directed by David Dobkin (The guy who brought us Fred Claus and Wedding Crashers).  The new film is about  Rusty Griswald, son of Chevy Chase’s character Clark Griswald, taking his family to Wally World for the last time before it closes down.  Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are rumored to return as grandparents.  The movie is to be written by Jonathon Goldstein and John Francis Dale

My Personal Dream: A Vacation film produced by Judd Apatow, directed by Todd Philips, starring Anthony Michael Hall.  Why not bring back the original Rusty?  I mean, he’s still funny.

Die Hard

9. Die Hard

Let me start off by saying Die Hard is one of my favorite films of all times.  You simply don’t get that type of super cool, original action film anymore.  Now anytime you make an action film, there has to be some type of superhero or CGI laden action scene involved.  One of the best things about the Die Hard films is it’s simplicity.  It’s a film about one dude, your average ordinary cop, stuck in a building with a bunch of terrorist.  But Die Hard was able to turn that simple premise into something truly legendary.  As the series went on, the scale was increased and they were never the same again.  Sure they weren’t bad movies, but they lacked that special something the first one had.  I say we go back to it’s roots and make another Die Hard that’s just as unique and original, bringing back the sense of being utterly alone to the franchise.

Current Status: There has been rumblings about a fifth Die Hard ever since the fourth, Live Free or Die Hard, was released.  Willis is continuously trying to stroke the fire in making another one, as of now, nothing has been officially announced.

My Personal Dream: John McTiernan returns to the franchise, because the original Die Hard and the third one are still the best in the series.  Bruce Willis also returns for one more round.  The film would take place in only one location, and have Willis once again single handedly taking out a terrorist.  Other than that, the sky’s the limit.  As long as you have no, “Oh, look at John McClane, he’s so old and he’s still doing this stuff...hilarious!” lines. That gets annoying after a while.

Mission: Impossible

8. Mission: Impossible

To tell you the truth, I’ve never been a huge fan of the Mission: Impossible franchise.  I always prefer the much more reliable James Bond series.  I just found Mission: Impossible too bland and uncreative to bear.  Then, M:i 3 was released and it brought new life to the aging franchise, finding a way to make it fun and action packed.  When that movie came out, I realized the problem with the series collectively: Tom Cruise.  I’m not the biggest Tom Cruise fan, I find him to be a good actor when he wants to be (Minority Report, Top Gun),  But what the M:I series needed was someone with charisma, someone who could entertain the audience really well.  While Cruise certainly can do that (look at Knight and Day), he wasn’t doing it in these films.  So bring in a more suitable actor and a good action director, and the Mission: Impossible series could truly be something.

Current Status: Mission: Impossible IV is currently in the works, set for a December 16, 2011 release date.  It will once again star Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt (or will it?).  After the financial disappointment at the box office that was Knight and Day, Paramount has put M:I IV into turnaround, considering if they should add a young protege for Cruise to teach, or scrap Cruise all together.  The film is set to be directed by Brad Bird, of The Iron Giant and The Incredibles fame.

My Personal Dream: Paramount starts over on Mission: Impossible, recasting Ethan Hunt and taking out Tom Cruise.  With who, you may ask? Well, Chris Pine of course!  Chris Pine is just the guy needed to flesh out the character of Ethan Hunt, enough of an action hero to be serious when needed, but with enough charisma and charm  to be likable.  And who would direct this film?  Well, I’d keep Brad Bird.  I’m curious what he can do in live action.


7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This is coming from a huge Turtles fan: we deserve better.  For years, we’ve suffered through mounds and mounds of material, searching for the ultimate in Turtle entertainment.  But the Turtles, unfortunately, have become a mockery of themselves.  The 80’s movie hasn’t aged  well and all other Turtle properties just aren’t as fun.  What we need is a movie that is cool, modernized, and has good action but doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Most important, we need to update the Turtles themselves to be more relevant.  Yeah “cowabunga” is cool and all, but it just doesn’t work in modern times, and it makes the Turtles feel like a big joke.  When actually, they can be quite awesome and fun.  These Turtles need an update, and they need it now.

Current Status: A new Turtles film has been trying to get off the ground since the last film, the animated TMNT.  Recently, Michael Bay’s production company, Platinum Dunes, has bought the property.  What will Dunes do with the property?  At this point, it’s any ones guess.

My Personal Dream: TMNT brought to you by director Matthew Vaughn.  Personally, I can’t imagine a better director than Matthew Vaughn to bring these turtles to life and make them cool again.  While Kick Ass mocked the comic book genre, it was also a good entry in it.  I can only imagine what Vaughn would do with a property like this.


6. Daredevil

There is certainly a great movie to be made with the Daredevil property.  Just the idea of a blind costume vigilante sounds awesome.  Somehow Fox was able to mess that up and any potential Daredevil had was squandered.  Three things can be contributed to this: 1. Elecktra.  Whoever thought adding her into the movie should be shot.  2. Ben Affleck.  He’s a good actor, but he’s not exactly who I picture when I think of Daredevil.  And 3. The Director.  When you make a superhero movie, you need a director who owns their film.  Take for instance Sam Raimi with Spider-Man and Christopher Nolan with Batman.  Those were their films, and no one else could make them.  Unfortunately, Mark Steven Johnson just couldn’t make Daredevil feel different from the mounds of other superhero movies out there.  While Daredevil isn’t a bad movie, the character definitely deserves more.

Current Status: Just like most Fox-Marvel Movies, Fox is rushing to get another iteration of the series out there.  If they don’t, they’ll lose the franchise to Marvel Studios.  Other than that, nothing much has been said about another Daredevil.

My Personal Dream: The rights to Daredevil will be returned to Marvel, where they can be used properly.  Choosing a director is tricky for Daredevil, so pretty much anyone who has made a name for themselves could do it.  Same goes for the actor.  Daredevil is a strong enough property that, put in somebody else's hands, can truly shine.

Whew!  Halfway done and we've already covered a lot of ground. Until next time, what are some of the films you'd like to see rebooted?