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10 Film franchises that need a reboot (Part 2)

10 Film franchises that need a reboot (Part 2)

Well we’ve plowed the bountiful fields of movie franchises, and left it completely barren.  We have chosen 10 film franchises of a somewhat “good” nature, and have tried to predict which ones need a reboot (as opposed to the ones who never needed one).  We have presented 5 of those 10 to you and now it’s time to finish what we started.  Without further ado, here’s the remaining 5 film franchises that need a reboot.

Punisher movie poster

5. The Punisher

Remember the talk we had about Daredevil being rebooted?  Well, here’s The PunisherPunisher has had bad luck in movies for almost two decades.  Be it the Dolph Lundgren version, the Thomas Jane version, or the recent Ray Stevenson version, Punisher can’t seem to make a very compelling movie.  Which is a damn shame because, just like most movies on this list, there really is potential for one.  If it just makes a little changes to its format (more on that later), The Punisher can reach it’s maximum capacity as a film.

Current Status: After Punisher: War Zone, everyone thought the series was dead.  Lo and behold!  This year, Marvel announced at Comic-Con a new Punisher is on it’s way, this time to be made by Marvel Studios.  Nothing else has been said about the project at this time.

My Personal Dream: First things first, The Punisher should not be your typical comic book movie.  It should be a Hard R, bloody affair, but not so much to reach ridiculousness (I’m looking at you War Zone).  Making The Punisher more of a noir type film will also help as well.  This is a film about a guy who losses his family and starts dressing up in a skull T-shirt killing thugs.  It should be gritty, dark, and depressing.  You can have the action, but you have to have some true emotional drama in there as well.


4. Terminator

It’s painful to think that this once great franchise is in such a mess right now.  If it was up to me, I would of ended the whole thing with Terminator 2.  But like most things, Hollywood’s greed is much more prevalent than what I and many others want.  Thus we got Terminator 3 and Terminator: Salvation.  Now look at the series.  It’s become a shadow of what it once was. James Cameron did a good enough job that there’s still enough fertile ground to be harvested from this field, and I certainly don’t want to see series end with Salvation.

Current Status: While Terminator: Salvation didn’t do that well domestically, it brought in a pretty good haul worldwide, enough for people to start chatting about a fifth one.  A battle over the rights to the franchise commenced, with the winner being a hudgefund called Pacificor.  As of now, they have the rights to make another film.  Meanwhile, the co-screenwriter of T1 and T2 has said he has written treatments for not just Terminator 5, but also a possible 6.

My Personal Dream: While my dream is to have director James Cameron come back, it will probably never happen.  So who to bring in? Carl Erik Rinsch.  Who’s Carl Erik Rinsch?  Well, if you remember, he was originally tapped to direct the new Alien film.  Beyond that, he also directed an amazing short film entitled The Gift.  If you need an example of how good a director he is, just Google that short film.  You won’t regret it.    Finally, we need to have an ending.  I don’t care if it’s at the end of a new trilogy or in the course of one new film; we need to finish up the franchise.  If Hollywood insists on making more Terminator movies, then they better wrap up the whole future war storyline.

The Last Airbender

3. The Last Airbender

Too soon?  Certainly.  I’m not asking for a reboot now.  Give it 5, maybe 10 years.  By then, The Last Airbender will be a distant memory repressed in fans’ subconscious.  Yes,  the movie’s bad, but don’t take my word for it.  There’s plenty of other reviews out there that express the same disappointment I have.  A fan of the show since the beginning, I truly believed there could be a fantastic Airbender movie if done right.  The M. Night Shyamalan film is not that movie.  Despite the foul taste still left in my mouth from Shyamalan’s version, I believe there is still a good movie to be had here.  It just needs the right people involved.

Current Status: Shyamalan and Nickelodeon still want to continue the Airbender film series after the first one, but disappointing box office numbers might get in the way of that.  The film hasn’t done great (not bad, but not great).  At this point, it will be lucky to make it’s budget back.  But for right now, all we can do is have a “wait and see” approach to the future of the franchise.

My Personal Dream: Have good dialogue, and actual actors who can say said dialogue.  Simple really.

Superman Returns

2. Superman

What has happened to our Man of Steel?  He used to be the image of heroics, the one children everywhere dreamt about one day becoming.  Now he’s being stabbed by Lex Luthor on an island made of Krypton, while his son is throwing piano’s like they were baseballs.  Ah, the American Way.  No joke, Superman needs an update, and he needs it fast.  The problem is, he’s grown irrelevant due to the rising popularity of Batman and Spiderman, much more, “edgy” superheroes.  I say it’s time for Superman to teach kids who a real Superhero is.  A man who truly is super and not haunted by some personal trauma or inner demon.  Why can’t superheroes ever be “super” anymore?  Why can’t they do anything, and save anyone?  Basically, what happened to the FUN of being a superhero? What Hollywood needs is Superman to reinvigorate that sense of heroics.

Current Status: As of now, Warner Bros. is working hard on a new Superman project.  Christopher Nolan, of The Dark Knight fame, is helping produce the new Superman project, along with his brother, Jonathon, who is co-writing the screenplay with David Goyer (also of Dark Knight fame).  Other than that, not much else has been said at this time.

My Personal Dream: First things first, the Superman franchise needs to distance itself from the Richard Donner directed days of old.  While those were great films at the time, Superman needs to go in a different direction.  Please Warner Bros, don't give us a “dark” Superman.  When I see a Superman movie, it's for pure, escapist fun.  Making it dark would just seem too weird and alienating for most audiences who grew up with him being the picture of excellence.  Other than that, stay on course.  Jonathon Nolan and David Goyer seem like a good pair to tackle the series.  Also, having Christopher Nolan should certainly help as well.

Star Wars

1. Star Wars

Okay everyone, DEEP BREATHS.  I know what I just said might come as a shock to you.  First let me try to explain myself before you come kill me.  Let me preface by saying I love Star Wars.  I am a HUGE Star Wars nerd.  Which only further explains why I feel it's a franchise that needs rebooting.  Think about this for a second.  You go to the movies and you see a trailer for a new Star Wars.  At first you groan, not believing George Lucas could milk the franchise once again.  Then, half way through the trailer, you see four words: “Directed by Steven Spielberg.”  Or, “Directed by Ridley Scott.”  Heck, “Directed by Neil Blomkamp.”

Let's face it, some of the best stuff every introduced to the Star Wars franchise has NOT been directly created by George Lucas.  Take the Knights of the Old Republic games for example.  They have excellent stories that do well on expanding the Star Wars universe without effecting anything that happened in the movies.  Imagine a new trilogy separate from the other two, but existing in the same universe (like pulling stuff from the novels or the back history).  It may share nothing in common with the other six films, but the tone and mood is still Star Wars.   Just thinking about what certain directors could bring to the Star Wars franchise sends shivers down my spine.  For that reason alone, Star Wars is certainly a franchise worth revisiting.

There you have it, my Top 10 film franchises that need a reboot.  There are several good films out there, and plenty that aren't (yet still get a reboot/remake).  Now that you've heard mine, what are some of the films you think need to be on this list?