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Trends in 70’s Cinema: New Hollywood

Do you enjoy special-effects laden blockbusters? How about gritty crime dramas? Or biting comedies? The New Hollywood movement helped to make all of these possible in mainstream cinema. 

Trends in 70’s Cinema: Disaster Movies

Let’s face it, most of us have a soft spot for things blowing up in movies, and for a long time movies have been happy to feed our appetite for destruction. But it wasn’t always that way.

25 Movies of the 1970’s That Everyone Should Watch

The 1970’s was an excellent decade for movies. Pop culture and reality collided to give audiences the most gritty, emotional, and entertaining films they had ever seen. This is our list of the 25 movies from the 1970’s that everyone should see.

TMP Vintage Review: Dog Day Afternoon

Every time a celebrity I respect dies, I try my best to honor his memory the best way I can.  Most of the time, this consists of a drink and some movie watching.  When it came to honoring Sidney Lumet, there was almost limitless options to choose from.  But since I wasn't planning on a 24 hour Lumetathon, I limited myself to two.  First, I choose one of my favorite heist films ever: 1975's Dog Day Afternoon.  Does the film stand the test of time, or is it a dated testament of a time long passed?  Thankfully...the latter.

Could The PS5 Be The Most Powerful Playstation Yet? | 2nd...

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