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Indie Beat: Spotlight on Comedy Flo Entertainment

Comedy isn't just about making people laugh. Cinelinx takes an in-depth look at Comedy Flo Entertainment and their film Mama Needs A Ride.


Adam Sandler Laughs At Your Pain; Decides to Write and Star...

You know, I don't hate Adam Sandler as much as some other internet people out there.  Yeah, I personally don't find him all that funny, but I will admit that I laughed at some of his old stuff (like Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, etc.)  Also, stuff like Punch Drunk Love and, to a certain extent, Funny People proved that he could be a good actor if he wanted to be.  But in the last couple years, after releasing shit like Jack and Jill and Grown Ups, I think I'm ready to side with the majority of the internet. The fact that he's involved himself in FREAKING Candyland is the nail on the head for me..I think I've decided that Adam Sandler is just f**king with us.

Box Office Prognosis: The Greek Gods Slay Adam Sandler (Woohoo!)

Meanwhile, Harold and Kumar and Tower Heist face big drops.

First Trailer for Jack and Jill—Adam Sandler Plays Two Characters, One...

Adam Sandler plays a male and a female in a set of twins.  Al Pacino wants to bang said female.  Al Pacino is playing himself.  Does this sound like a funny movie parody from Funny People? Well, it's not.  This thing is an actual film, and it's ready to excrete itself all over you this November.

Box Office Top 10 February 11-13: Sandler beats the Bieber

It was a close race for the number one spot at the box office, but Adam Sandler's Just Go With It topped Justin Bieber's Never Say Never as the top movie of the weekend. We should all thank Sandler, because had Bieber won the box office derby, it would have signaled the end of the world and the start of the apocalypse, where Bieber reveals to us all the "666" imprinted underneath that helmet of hair.

S0leb Got Five Amazon Funko POPs For Free!? | 2nd Opinion...

Every once in a while we all get a streak of luck, well I was going through some clothes and out popped an Amazon...