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The Park is Open in the Teaser Trailer for Wonder Park

The first teaser trailer for Wonder Park has arrived and it is jaw-droppingly gorgeous!  More within...

Discover the Hidden Dragon World in the First How to Train...

Toothless and friends are back for a brand new adventure that'll take them to an area never seen before, the hidden world of dragons!  Check out the gorgeous trailer within...

New Star Wars Animated Series Set To Feature Poe Dameron and...


Rebels has come and gone, and Disney/LucasFilm isn’t wasting any time getting us our new Star Wars Animated show!


New Voice Casting for The Incredibles 2 Announced

Some of these are not a surprise at all but welcome news to see these cast members returning.

Justice League Action Trailer Highlights Humor and Action

The next DC Animated Cartoon Network series has a nice blend of humor, action, and an old school feel!  Check out the highlight trailer for Justice League Action!

Eli Roth Puts His Twist On The Dark Souls Animated Trailer

Eli Roth inserts his brand of horror into an animated trailer for Dark Souls III!  Take a look and join the discussion over what this means.

Voltron: Legendary Defender First Look

Huge fan of this series so there may be a bit of nerd out in some of this, there’s your disclaimer. So having been a fan of Voltron since the first time I heard the voice of Optimus Prime introducing them I’m very happy to see that a new series, Voltron: Legendary Defender, is set to debut. But to put a bit of icing on it it’s going to be on Netflix. So there have been several series telling us the story of five pilots ripping through space in robotic giant lions that can form an even larger mecha know as Voltron.  Now the last one that aired was on Nickelodeon and despite starting strong it ended on some weak sauce crap. Sorry for that bit but I warned you earlier.

Stretch Armstrong and The Flex Fighters Coming to Netflix

The amazing Stretch Armstrong toy is coming to life in a new animated TV Show on Netflix!  Read on for details on the show!

Disney Announces A Newcomer as the Voice of Moana

After a long, worldwide search for the voice of Moana, Disney has found it in a 14 year old newcomer!  Read on for more details!

Disney Announces New Animated Movie “Gigantic”

D23 is underway and they've already announced they're next potential animated hit with Gigantic. We've got some of the details that'll make your kids shriek in excitement.

It Is What It Is, with The Jackass! Episode 213: New...

It’s another episode of It Is What It Is, and B.C.is talking to The Chriss’ This week on IiWiIJA, B.C. is in New York for...