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We’ve Got Our First Look at The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath...

Fans of the hit anime The Seven Deadly Sins will be pleased to see the first trailer for The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of...

Akira is Getting the 4K Treatment, and a New Anime Adaptation

After more than 30 years, Akira, long considered one of the greatest cyberpunk stories ever committed to film, will be receiving a 4K remaster,...

Magic: The Gathering Animated Series From Russo Brothers headed to Netflix

Today Netflix announced that Avengers: Endgame directors, Joe and Anthony Russo will be developing an animated series for Netflix along with Hasbro’s Allspark Animation...

A ‘Blade Runner’ Anime Is On The Way

Crunchyroll and Adult Swim are working together to produce Blade Runner-Black Lotus, an anime set in 2032, 17 years before the events of Blade Runner 2049.

Netflix Adds Neon Genesis Evangelion to its 2019 Anime Lineup

After spending years in distribution right hell, Netflix has finally cracked the code and the EVAs are set to take flight once again!  Neon Genesis Evangelion is coming to Netflix!

Live-Action My Hero Academia in the Works at Legendary

Legendary has picked up the rights to Shueisha’s My Hero Academia, one of the most beloved animes and mangas today, and plans on giving it the live-action treatment!  More within...

New Jump Force Trailer Spotlights Bleach Characters

This morning brings us a new trailer for Bandai Namco's upcoming anime crossover fighting game, giving all the attention to three characters from Bleach. Come inside to check it out!

Thank you for calling Netflix! Your anime is greenlit!

On this edition of Channel Control, Rob, Matt, and BC navigate through all of the renewals and the greenlights for the biggest animes coming to Netflix, plus much more. Come inside to watch the latest episode!  

Live-Action Gundam Movie in the Works at Legendary Pictures

Legendary Pictures and IP owner, Sunrise, took to Anime Expo 2018 to announce the development of a live-action Gundam movie!  More within...

Forgotton Anne Coming This May

If you're like me, you can't get enough of hand drawn artstyles in videogames. Forgotton Anne is a hand-crafted adventure title with stunning visuals. If you want to learn more about Forgotton Anne or watch the exciting trailer, you've come to the right place!

Hasbro Snags License to Produce New Ghostbusters Toys

Sony Pictures and Hasbro have announced a new partnership to bring all new toys based on the Ghostbusters franchise into the hands of kids/fans. In...