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Dolph Lundgren Joins Aquaman

Ivan Drago is one the most villainous opponents anyone has ever seen. Rocky had to fight his heart out to defeat him, on enemy territory no doubt. Now it looks as Drago is going to be a foe for another great hero, this time, not in the wintery lands of Russia, but in the heart of the deep blue sea.

Stand United in the Official Justice League Trailer

After a two day campaign to promote an exclusive new Justice League trailer, Warner Bros. and DC have finally released the latest trailer for the Superhero Team-up!  Check it out!

New Justice League Posters Land; Trailer Arrives This Weekend

Warner Bros. and DC sent out a swarm of new images for fans and the admission that a new trailer would arrive this weekend!  Come inside to see the latest posters!

Aquaman Release Pushed Back to December 2018

If you were excited to see Aquaman in October 2018, you'll have to wait just a tad longer for the oceanic hero.  Come inside for more details!

Is a Cinematic Showdown Between Sub-Mariner and Aquaman Coming?

Will DC’s Aquaman have some seafaring competition? According to Reel News Hawaii, he will. Is Namor the Sub-Mariner heading to the big screen? 

Wonder Woman Leads Aquaman and Cyborg in New Justice League Image

While Warner Bros. isn't shelling out for a Super Bowl spot to showcase this year's Justice League movie, fans can get a good look at three of the iconic heroes thanks to a brand new official image.  Come inside to check it out!  

Screenwriter Says Aquaman’s Going to Blow People’s Minds

Will Beall, the script writer for DC/WB’s upcoming Aquaman movie, promises that the film will not only have a tonal shift from previous DCEU films, but it will also “blow people’s minds”. He states that the story, the star (Jason Momoa) and the modern SFX technology in this movie will be “really great!” 

Hey Kids, Comics! #208 – The Seventy-Five Percenters

Down in the briny deep  you can find Hey Kids, Comics! this week.  Like so many Captain Ahabs, your hosts go searching the Seven Seas for comic book characters on a first name basis with Davy Jones.

Patrick Wilson to Play Villain in Aquaman Movie

Aquaman Director James Wan has found his villain for the undersea thriller!  Come inside to learn more about Patrick Wilson and which villain he'll portray!

Sea to See – The First Look at Mera From “Justice...

Warner Brothers teases the presence of Aquaman's wife Mera in Justice League with an image that simply whets the appetite of fans for even more!

Empire Strikes Back Takes the Focus of Hasbro’s Star Wars Toy...

Earlier this week, we got a look at some new toys based on The Mandalorian, but today brought other toy reveals from Hasbro at...