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Nerd Approved: Aquaman Volume 1: The Trench Graphic Novel Review

Many think of Aquaman the same way the guys on The Big Bang Theory do. When they decide to go to a Halloween party dressed as the Justice League, nobody wants to be stuck being Aquaman. Let's face it. He isn't exactly thought of as being on the same level as Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. 

Nerd Approved: Justice League Issue #12 Comic Book Review

The comic world is all abuzz with the iconic kiss seen 'round the world. Wonder Woman and Superman finally seal the deal with a climactic full-page smooch. The cover of Justice League Issue #12 teases of the monumental moment with Jim Lee's dramatic illustration of the two super heroes flying through the air together wrapped in the Amazonian princess's golden lasso of truth. Does the issue live up to all the excitement built around it? 

Justice Graphic Novel Review

I'm a huge fan of Batman and keep up with his monthly adventures in both Detective Comics and the self-titled book. Unfortunately, a limited budget keeps me from picking up every Bat-related and Justice League title released as I would like to, but I do my very best to catch up when I can. One book I recently caught up with thanks to a new trade paperback release is Justice

Empire Strikes Back Takes the Focus of Hasbro’s Star Wars Toy...

Earlier this week, we got a look at some new toys based on The Mandalorian, but today brought other toy reveals from Hasbro at...