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The Avengers Will Make It Or Break It For All SuperHeroes

We all know an Avengers movie is coming out rather soon, next year actually. With that in mind plenty of Marvel fans are excited. Hell even I’m excited and I’m about as DC fanboy as it gets! However there are certain circumstances that are making me second guess the idea of pushing towards a grand finale before the show is even done. The Avengers are used entirely different as a comic book seres. They are the symbol of great new heroes and the first step used to lead into any major Marvel Comics event. However the film is simply coming out due to fan receptions and not because business calls for it, so lets look at the possibilities of its success. Or perhaps its possible failure.

New Dark Knight Rises Set Pics Reveal the Rebuilt Wayne Manor

Some new set pics from the The Dark Knight Rises have hit the net and show off what's been teased since the end of Batman Begins...a rebuilt Wayne Manor.  While it doesn't show us the cool stuff (like the Batcave) it does hint at an iconic scene we've yet to see in Nolan's series.

Secret Cameo Spotted For The Dark Knight Rises Brings Up More...

There is a slight spoiler coming later in this article so if you are trying to withhold finding out a whole lot about The Dark Knight Rises, well I suggest you leave. In fact I suggest you get off all movie website for a day or two while this news passes and tries to get confirmed. In simple terms there is a bomb about to go off....and you are standing right next to it.

First Official Image of Bane From Dark Knight Rises

Even though filming has just started on the movie, and the official website for The Dark Knight Rises went live today, Nolan and Co are giving fans a treat in their first look at the villain Bane from the new film!

6 Movies With a Make It or Break It Attitude

There are a ton of movies coming out this year and next year, so its rather easy to anticipate all of them. Well, people seem to be overlooking certain aspects of these films. For example some are reboots, others are sequels without the original cast, and others are just plain out there. So here are six movies I am looking forward to for specific reasons.

First Images of Batman: Year One

Christopher Nolan has become one of the best directors in the industry, and he got a good majority of his fans from his Batman films. While he is hard at work on the third film in the franchise, WB Animation is cooking up yet another Batman flick.

TMP Reviews: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season One Part...

For the past 20 years Batman has enjoyed a tradition of excellence in animation. Does Cartoon Network's most recent Batman cartoon live up to the legacy?

Joseph Gordon Levitt is Alberto Falcone in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Another villain is added to an already overstuffed film.  And you know what?  I'm pefectly fine with that.

Possible Plot Spoilers for Dark Knight Rises Hit the Web

I know what you're thinking...We've done this before.  Since Nolan began working on The Dark Knight Rises, rumors have been running rampant about what the plot will be, and how it will wrap up his trilogy.  While this new information should also be treated as a rumor, it's got the distinct ring of common sense and plausibility that I think makes this worth posting up.

TMP Editorial: What’s Wrong With Robin?

All right, finish the sentence: Batman and.....?  It's okay to say what you're thinking; Robin.  The two names go together and even non-comic book fans will easily recognize it.  There's a reason they're popularly known as the 'dynamic duo'.  Batman's sidekick has been essential to his character in a lot of ways throughout his decades in the comic book world.  It's what completes the character of the the Dark Knight.  So why in the Hell does no one want him in the movies?

Geek Pick of the Week: Prime 1 Studio’s Jurassic Park Diorama

Prime 1 Studio has just announced an incredible new diorama/statue based on one of the most iconic scenes in Jurassic Park, making an easy...