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Steven Universe Save the Light & OK K.O. Let’s Play Heroes...

Two of Cartoon Network's most beloved series are uniting for one epic video game bundle!  Learn more about the Steven Universe Save the Light...

Cartoon Network Secures the Rights to ZAG Heroez: Power Players

A new animated series is coming to Cartoon Network and it's by the studio that developed "Miraculous™: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir"!  More within...

Steven Universe Returns With ‘Diamond Days’!

The popular Cartoon Network series Steven Universe returns with a new story arc beginning December 17th. This new story arc will consist of five episodes and is entitled 'Diamond Days.'

Thundercats Roar coming to Cartoon Network

I know many people who would rejoice at the fact that The Thundercats would be returning to TV again. To see Lion-O, wielding the Sword of Omens once more, vanquishing Mum-Ra and his minions would be fantastic. I know I’d be looking forward to it and when Cartoon Network told us just that I was intrigued. Right up until I saw what was in store for us with the upcoming Thundercats ROAR!


Break the 4th Wall in the First Official Trailer for Teen...

The first official trailer for Teen Titans GO! To the Movies is out and it's bringing the laughs!  Check it out below!

Justice League Action Trailer Highlights Humor and Action

The next DC Animated Cartoon Network series has a nice blend of humor, action, and an old school feel!  Check out the highlight trailer for Justice League Action!

Why Clone Wars is a Vital Part of the Star Wars...


Okay, this conversation did not actually happen. However, given how passionate a lot of long-time Star Wars fans are at the very mention of “the CW word” (not to be confused with the TV network of the same name), it might as well had happened. This, despite the fact I’ve gone to at least two or three major Sci-Fi/Comic conventions here in Dallas and see cosplayers dressed as Clone Troopers based off of information they could have only gotten from the series. I also had a friend from Memphis who one year cosplayed as Ahsoka Tano (Anakin’s first apprentice) at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention in Nashville. With this being Star Wars month, I decided to set the record straight about this wonderful addition to the SW universe and why at some point every fan should watch it.

Final Episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars To Be Released...

With Lucasarts selling the franchise to Disney Cartoon Network had to exempt episodes from the last season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and also change the order. Well good news fans as it seems we will be getting those lost episodes! More after the jump.

DVD REVIEW: Adventure Time: Jake the Dad

Cinelinx goes off the deep end with Adventure Time: Jake the Dad on DVD!

Cartoon Network to Premiere the Latest Pokemon Movie in October

Pokemon fans have a lot to look forward to in October as the newest games in the celebrated franchise (Pokemon X & Y) are coming to the 3DS handhelds.  In order to celebrate, Cartoon Network is hosting an animation event that following Saturday (the 19th) to show the previous Pokemon film, plus the U.S. debut of the lastest, and a sneak peek at the new upcoming animated series.  Come inside for the full press release and first clips!

Casual Cinecast take on X-Men Dark Phoenix

Before the main review (Dark Phoenix), Mike, Chris, and special guest Peyton breakdown everything they’ve been watching and recent news from the last week...