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All In The Family at 45: The Show That Couldn’t Be...

 45 years ago, one of the most divisive shows ever made debuted and became the biggest hit of the 1970s. All In The Family hit the airwaves in 1971 and created a maelstrom of controversy. The non-PC humor of the show would never be tolerated today. However, was the show really racially insensitive or was it just using humor to cast some light on the ignorance and prejudices of the world? 

Set photo shows Villain for Supergirl/Flash crossover

A set photo that was posted to Imgur shows the heroes and the Villain they will team up to battle on CBS' Supergirl.

In the photo we can easily see Grant Gustin in part of the suit that has made him so famous. right under his cup we can make out Melissa Benoist in her Supergirl outfit talking to some of her fans. And even further back we see the Skeletal mask/facepaint of what can only be, Silver Banshee.

This is our first look (above) at what the Silver Banshee will look like for the TV show.


TFGP’s Channel Control Episode 2 (Part 1)

In Part 1 of this episode of TFGP's Channel Control we discuss the Fall Season of Television programming and which shows we think will last for a little while or die a painful ratings death.

Supergirl’s Television Costume Fully Revealed

CBS is currently filming the pilot episode for their forthcoming Supergirl series (another in a growing list of DC television shows), and today they've revealed Melissa Benoist in full character, sporting the iconinc costume.  Come inside to take a look at the full outfit!

Video Games Hit Hollywood: CBS Options Deus Ex, New Writers for...

So a busy week for video game adaptations, huh?  Following the news that Michael Fassbender would be adapting Assassin's Creed, three projects circulating through Hollywood have been given some substantial updates.  Find out what's new for Deus Ex, God of War, and Halo below.

Do Video Games Cause Real World Violence? | 2nd Opinion Podcast...

Thanks for checking out the 2nd Opinion Podcast! On this episode, we talk about some of the latest games news, but take a moment...