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Treyarch bringing New Playlist, Looting Updates, and more to Black Ops...

Trey and Activision are here with the first update for Black Ops 4 and man is it a big one! Let jump inside and check it out!

Activision Announces Black Ops 4: Battle Edition, Coming Exclusively to PC

Activision has announced a Battle Edition of Call of Duty Black Ops 4...why tho? 

Black Ops 4 Launches Friday, Emotional Blood of the Dead Trailer...

Blood of the Dead is going to be something emotional and beautiful, day one!

Activision Talks 10 Years of Zombies, Black Ops 4 release’s in...

 Zombies have been in COD for 10 Years and I think they are here to stay!

COD Black Ops 4 WL Reveal Coming Sept 19th, First Tournament...

Yes, Call of Duty is changing. The World League however is coming back stronger than ever!

2nd Opinion Podcast #222 | WHAT HAPPENED TO COD!?

We're back for episode #222 of The 2nd Opinion Podcast! We talk about Black Ops 4, Quakecon, and more!

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare drops details on first DLC

Activision Publishing, Inc. & Infinity Ward have given us details for the first DLC map pack for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Sabotage. We’ll be getting four new, challenging Multiplayer maps and an all new Co-op Zombies map. Let’s check out all the details & a DLC preview video below.

5 Awesome Star Wars Mods For Non-Star Wars Video Games

In celebration of Star Wars Day this week I thought I'd round up a few awesome Star Wars mods from across the galaxy, some weird, and some far too perfect. They're in no particular order, just five that I think look especially cool. They are available to download too, so you can check them out for yourself!

Check Out The New Call of Duty Zombies Giant Trailer

If you like Call of Duty zombies, you might want to come check out this new Black Ops 3 trailer!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Gets New Cyber Chaos Trailer

Check out the new trailer that will explain some new perks to the story campaign!

New Avengers: Endgame LEGO Set Coming This November

Today, LEGO has revealed an all new set based on Avengers: Endgame that will arrive in November, though SDCC attendees will get a look...