Batman: Return to Arkham Gets New Trailer and Release Date

This morning, Warner Bros. has revealed a new side-by-side trailer for Batman: Return to Arkham, showing off the graphical ilmprovements the HD remasters are bringing to the beloved Batman games.  Better yet, we also get a new release date!  Come inside to check it all out.  

Suit Up With the Injustice 2 Announcement Trailer

Following on from an early leak yesterday, which outed the sequel, this morning Warner Bros. Interactive and Netherrealm Studios have officially revealed Injustice 2 with a cinematic announcement trailer and the first details on the game.  Come inside to check it all out! 

‘Batman Return To Arkham’ Remastered Arkham Bundle Confirmed

With millions upon millions of titles from the series sold since the debut of the excellent Arkham Asylum in 2009, it was quite simply just a matter of time until a current gen remake would be in the works. Well now it's official.

Arkham Knight’s Batgirl Based Story DLC Releases Later this Month

Batman: Arkham Knight's DLC plans seem fairly extensive, and we knew that one of those would be new story content that would allow players to take control of Batgirl.  Today, we know exactly when we can play Batgirl: A Matter of Family.  Come inside to learn more!

Zen Pinball Gives Marvel’s Newest Hero His Own Table

Marvel and Zen Studios are teaming up once again (as they did earlier this Summer for Age of Ultron) to bring a brand new Pinball table to life based on the upcoming film, Ant-Man.  Come inside to check it out and learn more!

Time To Go To War In New Batman Arkham Knight Trailer

WB has released the latest trailer for Batman Arkham Knight that is filled with gameplay, clocking in at just over 7 minutes long, this new trailer is sure to keep your hype level through the roof!  Come inside to check it out.

The Bat-Family Works Together in new Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

The Batman family of heroes (and some villains) is back together in a brand new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight to show off a new gameplay feature.  Come inside to check it out!

Batman: Arkham Knight Gets a Chilling New Story Trailer

There is a new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight and we have it right here! Come check out how awesome it is! As Rocksteady says, "Gotham is Mine!"

Batman: Arkham Knight Gets a New Summer 2015 Release Date; Plus...

Rocksteady made a lot of fans happy when they revealed Batman: Arkham Knight back in March and told fans the upcoming next-gen only Batman game would be hitting later this year.  Then we got the sad news that the game would be missing it's holiday release and would instead be hitting sometime in 2015.  Today, Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have finally revealed exactly when we'll be playing the new game...and we've still got a ways to wait.  Come inside to check out the new date!

Deadpool Gets his Very Own Zen Pinball Table this Month

With Star Wars tables, a new The Walking Dead table, and even several previous Marvel themed Pinball tables, the guys over at Zen Studios sure know how to make fans happy when it comes to their virtual pinball needs.  Today they've announced that the fan-favorite character, Deadpool, is getting his own themed table later this month.  Come inside to learn more and check it out!

Jackass One: A Star Wars Podcast – Episode XVI

It’s another episode of Jackass One: A Star Wars Podcast, and The Galactic Senate are still talking The Rise Of Skywalker. This week on Jackass...