SPUD Puts a Portable, Pop-Up Monitor in Your Hand

If you're looking for a monitor that's easy to move around, your solution may have finally arrived with SPUD.  The portable, fold-up monitor seeks to put a high resolution display in the palm of your hand.  Come inside to learn more about this cool new tech.  

AOC Launches a New Affordable 4K Monitor

If you've been looking to update your workspace (or gaming space) with a swanky new 4K high resolution monitor, but don't want to break the bank...you may be in luck.  AOC has launched a new 28-inch monitor at a more affordable price.  Come inside to learn more!

The Mandalorian Ep. 5 – Pit Stop at Nostalgia Town!

This week's episode of The Mandalorian brings us to a familiar planet with all manner of references for long-time fans to enjoy.  As is always...