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Machete’s Back, Back Again…In Space!

Before the film Machete Kills played in theaters a fake trailer played called Machete Kills Again...In Space.

Baby Machete revealed in Machete Kills Deleted Scene

Brace yourself for what you are about to see - Baby Machete!

Rated: Machete Kills (2013)

Sequels are fairly common these days, yet Machete Kills still seems unnecessary. Like the original film, it is an experimentation in the absurd, but even more so. 

Directors’ Trademarks: Robert Rodriguez

For each Directors' Trademarks, Cinelinx will chose one director for an in-depth examination of the “signatures” that they leave behind in their work. This week, with the release of Machete Kills, we examine the trademark style and calling signs of Robert Rodriguez as director. 

Blu Review: Zombie Hunter

Zombie Hunter is an absolutely ridiculous film. That's not meant to be a putdown in this case. If it were anything but ridiculous, it just wouldn't work. It's what makes the movie watchable and gives it such an entertaining air.

DVD Review: The Cloth

I love a good religious horror or demon possession film. My background as a Christian gives me a certain appreciation for what many critics call hokey sensationalist cinema and B-movie trash. I've seen the good ones (The Exorcist, Devil) and I've seen the bad ones (The Exorcist Tapes, The Last Exorcism Part II). Unfortunately, Uncork'd Entertainment's The Cloth falls well below the threshold of bad and plunges into the abyss of laughably unwatchable.

New Predators Stills Leave Us Wanting More

Welcome to The Hunt.  Prepare for war.

The Killing Jar

A shotgun armed killer takes seven stranger hostage in a lonely diner.  As the maniac interrogates each person, it becomes apparent that he may not be so out of his mind as he first appeared and someone in the diner maybe far more dangerous than they seem.

Could The PS5 Be The Most Powerful Playstation Yet? | 2nd...

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