Four Things DC Can Do If Ben Affleck Bolts From DCEU

With all the hints we’ve seen lately about Ben Affleck having serious doubts regarding the DCEU projects he’s involved in, the powers-that-be at DC and the WB must be worried about losing their Batman. What will they do if Affleck abandons the bat cave? Here are four possibilities for continuing the DCEU post-Affleck.

Five Fixes the DCEU Needs To Do Now

The DCEU is having a lot of problems lately. They have great characters who don’t seem to be translating well to the big screen. Clearly, a course correction is in order. Here are five things that DC and Warner Bros need to do if they want to match the success of the MCU.

Back to the Bat-Basics

After recent news of Ben Affleck stepping aside from directing the Solo Batman film, we have more Sad Affleck news. Not to unlike the recent Flash news.

What Does The Latest Batman News Mean for the DCEU?

Ben Affleck's departure from the director's chair of The Batman is the latest bit of unsettling news, following the recent news reported by Batman on Film that the project has been pushed back a few months due to problems with the whole slate of upcoming DC films. What does all this mean for the future of the DCEU?



Screenwriter Says Aquaman’s Going to Blow People’s Minds

Will Beall, the script writer for DC/WB’s upcoming Aquaman movie, promises that the film will not only have a tonal shift from previous DCEU films, but it will also “blow people’s minds”. He states that the story, the star (Jason Momoa) and the modern SFX technology in this movie will be “really great!” 

The Green Lantern Corps May Appear in Justice League

 Will we see a Green Lantern in the upcoming Justice League movie? According to The Wrap, we will. It may not be Hal Jordan, but if their inside information is true, expect to see a green-garbed, Power Ring-wearing corps member pop up during a “key sequence”.

Man of Steel 2 Goes Into Active Development at Warner Bros.

With Warner Bros. announcing films for Justice League and its various members, fans have long been wondering when we'd see another solo Superman film.  Well, it looks like WB is ready to start working on it. 

Wonder Woman Wraps Up Filming

Filming has officially wrapped on DCEU's next film, Wonder Woman!  Check out what Director Patty Jenkins had to say.

Meet the Worst Heroes Ever in New Suicide Squad Trailer

As promised a little while back, tonight brings us a brand new Suicide Squad trailer during the Dawn of the Justice League special on CW.  Come inside to check out the action-packed trailer for this unlikely group of 'heroes'. 

Amber Heard Could be Mera in Aquaman/Justice League Films

As the DC Universe continues to expand on the big screen, Warner Bros. is looking ahead to fill out it's roster of characters for their other upcoming flicks.  Today brings word that Amber Heard is currently in talks to bring Aquaman's Mera to the big screen!

The Casual Cinecast Discusses Criterion’s In the Mood For Love

In this week's episode of Casual Cinecast's "Casually Criterion", the gang discusses Wong Kar-Wai's In the Mood for Love and breaks down the latest...