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The Casual Cinecast Checks Out Mandy!

How crazy does Nicolas Cage get in the new revenge thriller Mandy? Listen to latest Casual Cinecast to find out! 

The Casual Cinecast Counts Down the Best of 2018 (So Far)!

Join in as The Casual Cinecast recaps the first half of 2018 with their Top 5 Films of 2018 (So Far)! Also, stay tuned through the end of the episode for a listener submitted Top 5 of 2018 list! 

Listen to the Casual Cinecast reckon with Paul Schrader’s introspective First...

Mike, Justin and Chris do their best to walk through their thoughts on Paul Schrader’s newest film, First Reformed, starring Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried. Listen as we attempt to unpack everything this movie is trying to say.

Seek Revenge with the First Trailer for The Magnificent Seven Remake

The first trailer to the 2016 remake of the 1960's classic film, The Magnificent Seven, has dropped!  Check out the Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt heavy trailer here!

Rated: The Purge

From the moment I saw the first trailer for The Purge and read its synopsis, I knew I had to see it. The concept was so frightening yet intriguing. One thing's for sure. No one will leave the theater and immediately forget the film. I'm willing to bet many audience members will reflect on it for the next couple of days.

Sinister: SXSW Reviews

Found footage helps a true-crime novelist realize how and why a family was murdered in his new home.

DVD Review: Moby Dick (2011)

Herman Melville's 1851 novel Moby Dick has been cleverly adapted countless times. The first was the 1926 silent movie The Sea Beast, with Captain Ahab portrayed by John Barrymore. A lot has changed in filmaking since then, and we are catapulted, again, onto The Prequod--the famous vessel--and again to the extraordinary tale of a man riddled with obsession—Captain Ahab (Hurt)—who takes his crew on a personal vendetta--blinded by vengeance—in pursuit of the legendary white whale.


The year is 2019 and an unknown plague has swept the globe rendering virtually every human into a vampire.  As the new race quickly dominates the planet, humans become the most valuable resource.  Small bands of the uninfected roam the outskirts of major cities, desperately trying to survive while staying one step ahead of the blood-thirsty creatures.  But as the stockpiles of human blood begin to run dry leaving the populace starving and the vampires in power scrambling for a replacement, a lone vampire geneticist joins with a secret group of humans to find another viable solution...a cure.

It Is What It Is, with The Jackass! Episode 213: New...

It’s another episode of It Is What It Is, and B.C.is talking to The Chriss’ This week on IiWiIJA, B.C. is in New York for...