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Interview: Matthew Lillard Discusses Directorial Debut Fat Kid Rules the World

Matthew Lillard is an actor that everyone should be familiar with. He's played diverse characters in several different types of movies; from horror films like Scream and Thirteen Ghosts to comedies such as Senseless and She's All That and family fare like the Scooby-Doo movies and television show. His newest adventure in the movie industry is as the director of his first independent feature film - an adaptation of the young adult novel Fat Kid Rules the World. I had the opportunity to speak with Lillard about bringing the young adult novel to life onscreen.

Fat Kid Rules The World: SXSW Reviews

Fat Kid Rules The World, based on the K.L. Going book of the same name, marks actor Matthew Lillard’s impressive directorial debut. A microbudget film, it is notably well shot and cast and is simply a very fun time at the movies. It is no big surprise it received the Narrative Spotlight Audience Award at this year’s South By Southwest festival.

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