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10 Feature Films You Need to See at the 38th Denver...

This year's Denver Film Festival has a diverse lineup of killer films both small and large. To select just ten meant I had to strain out promising titles like Lucifer, shot on tondoscope and directed by the provocative Gus Van Den Berghe, or special presentations like Mia Madre by Italian director Nanni Morreti. You should see those and all the films on this list, and more -- the roster's dense. You can view the 38th Denver Film Festival schedule in its entirety here. The Festival will run from November 4th to the 15th. 


Reinhold Heil details his progression from Rock Music to Television and...

Reinhold Heil stood at the precipice of an evolving Berlin soundscape. He and his fellow singers and musicians formed what is now referred to as the New German Wave (working with the likes of Nina Hagen and the band Spliff). Touted as one of the best keyboardist in Europe, Heil has taken his multi-instrumental talents to film, lending his hand to great titles like Run Lola Run, Cloud Atlas, and now the Syfy series Helix. Garret and I collaborated to dig deeper into the Golden Globe nominated composer's time behind the scenes.  



Film “And” Digital

Film Vs. Digital, the ongoing battle where none should exist. I can admit to being a man of the celluloid, the tangible format with a life and texture. But I can also get weak for digitals sharp sickly edge. For film it's not so much a competition as it is an individual struggle to survive. Film stock grows scarce and processing labs scarcer. For most new filmmakers films not even an option, nor something they're particularly aware of. Digital suits the time, it's immediate, fast, and frighteningly easy. So this cheap and easier method allows more beginners to make movies that they might not have been able to. But is that necessarily a good thing?  

Doctor Strange Has Found Another Film Writer

Marvel has found a writer for their new Doctor Strange film.

Tom Hiddleston Cast as Hank Williams in Upcoming Film

You favourite mischief maker, Loki, is coming to film once again, except this time as a Country Western singer. Huh?

Cameras Begin to Roll on Avengers: Age of Ultron

Rejoice Marvelites because filming has officially gotten underway for Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Josh Whedon is back at the helm for the second installment of Avengers and the 11th of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

YEAH! Film Streaming For The Modern Movie Nerd – Review

Does the latest film rental app from AMC Networks have the ability to change the way we watch films?

Film Adaptation of World Of Warcraft Has A Release Date

Things have finally been heating up on the World of Warcraft movie adaptation, with a director set and rumors flying about a possible cast.  Now, Blizzard has taken to twitter announce the film has an official release date in an already crowded Summer of 2015!

Closed Circuit Starring Eric Bana Trailer and Featurette Online

Closed Circuit is part international suspense thriller, part courtroom drama with a terrorism twist and tons of intrigue. Focus Features has offered up not only a trailer for the film, but also a Secrets Behind the Camera featurette detailing some major highlights of the story. Throw MI6 into the mix and audiences can't help but think life in peril, mystery and danger, with a healthy dose of mortal jeopardy. Starring Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, Jim Broadbent, Ciaran Hinds and Julia Stiles, this is bound to be a thrilling conspiracy. Come on in and find out what Closed Circuit is all about.


5 Tips to Help Make Your Film Reel the Best Possible

A film reel is a great way to get yourself noticed in the film industry.  In essence it’s a sort of visual resume that can show off to potential employers or clients what all you’re capable of when it comes to filmmaking.  To that end, we here at Cinelinx have some handy dandy tips to help you when you’re creating your own film reel.

That’s No Moon…It’s a Desktop Computer!

On the SDCC show floor custom hardware company, CherryTree, revealed a Star Wars computer machine in the shape of the Empire's deadliest weapon... I don't...