The Best Sony Exclusives: Uncharted Drake's Fortune

Naughty Dog has firmly cemented their place in the gaming industry as developers who can make fun games with incredibly engaging stories and characters.  Their latest outing, The Last of Us, garnered heaps of 2013 Game of the Year awards but their rise to such fame all started with the Uncharted series.  All month long in Gamerlinx we’re discussing the best Sony exclusive video games, and I thought it’d be great to kick things off with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune


PlayStation Plus Discounts For April 2014

As the cost of living continues to increase for most people, it sometimes becomes hard to find a good deal on the games you want to play.  That is where Sony has stepped in.  My goal is to inform the n00bs, and seasoned vets alike, of the monthly discounts offered through their store in hopes that, you too, will see the benefits of being a Plus member.


Spring Into Awesome with Cinelinx in April

It's finally Spring time, and for those of us movie and game lovers a few important things are happening.  For one, it means that the ever important Summer Movie Season is only a month away and secondly, video game releases are starting to pick up.  The things you've been looking forward to most are almost here and it's pretty damn exciting.  We're not missing a beat here at Cinelinx, and have a bunch of awesome things coming up for our readers to enjoy.  Come inside to check out what we have in store for the month of April!


The 8 Best Video Game Intros of the 90s

The 90s were a great time for the video game industry.  It saw the introduction of 3D graphics, and the rise of one of gaming’s biggest giant’s.  As the technology grew, developers were able to infuse story into their games like they had never been able to before.  Games had always had intros before, but now they could reach a more cinematic quality and be bigger than ever.  Since we’re discussing some of the best cutscenes in gaming this month, I thought I’d revisit the best gaming intros from the 90s.  


A Gamer's Valentine: Video Games for Couples to Enjoy Together

Despite the growth of video games and it's general inclusion into the mainstream culture, when asked, most people still envision gamers as being lonely introverts sitting and staring at the screen.  That's simply not that case, and many gamers (both male and female) live happy lives with their signicant others.  In the spirit of the romantic holiday I've decided to take a look at the best games for couples to play together on Valentine's Day (or any day really)!


A Gamers Valentine: You'd Make A Great Couple, Said No One.

The internet is filled with fan fiction about some of our favorite video game characters and what would happen if they ever met or perchance had a romance.  While it's nice to think about, the truth is that some of our most beloved characters would be absolutely horrible for one another!  Today we bring you 3 video game couplings that wouldn't last.  

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