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Is PS Vita TV Sony’s Greatest Idea?

Yesterday Sony announced the new gadget called PS Vita TV. This new gadget allows you to play Vita titles on your TV, stream PS4 to another TV, watch media apps, and all of this comes in a neat little compact design. The best part is, it only costs around $100 dollars. While Vita TV is seeing some mixed reactions after the announcement, I can’t help but think it's one of Sony’s greatest moves in a long time.

PlayStation 4 Will Release on November 15th

Today during their Gamescom press event, Sony finally announced the release window for their next generation hardware, the PlayStation 4.  Come inside to find out exactly when you'll be able to get your hands on the new system!

Latest Video Shows the Advantages of Playing Blacklist on the Wii...

With less than a week to go before it's release, Ubisoft has revealed a new gameplay video for Splinter Cell Blacklist, detailing the advantages gamers may have when playing on the Wii U's gamepad.  Come inside to check it out!

8 Games of the 80s That Have Aged Well

In recent years, gaming seems to have an over emphasis on the latest graphics and technology.  However, when it comes right down to it, the games we remember best over the years are the ones which are simply fun.  Even games from decades ago can still be exciting and enjoyable to play by today's standards.  While the graphics may have faded these games from the 80s are still incredibly fun to play even now.

New Watch_Dogs Gameplay Video is all About Hacking

Today, Ubisoft has released a brand new gameplay video for Watch_Dogs their highly anticipated game coming in just a few months.  Come inside to learn all about how you will be hacking in the game, and how it's really your primary weapon. 

SCNS Live Vs. Quakecon

The SCNS Live crew went out to Quakecon to give you a taste of some of the vendors, people, and most importantly, gaming! Not only did they cover the convention they also did the video cast from the floor of the BYOC. Here's Day 1 and the show. Later this evening will be Day 2.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Announces Infinite Crisis Founders Program

Everybody is talking video games these days and what goes better with video games than superheroes, free play and some Infinite Crisis? A collaboration between Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and Turbine - remember The Lord of the Rings Online™? -  is great news to online gaming fans. Together these entertainment wizards are bringing you some great free-to-play online gaming and of course some very cool bonus features. Founders Program, Turbine’s MOBA, and the DC Multiverse all in one interactive entertainment experience sounds like some exciting gaming news indeed. Come on inside and read on.

New Legendary Giveaway Promotion for Pokemon Coming in August

The newest Pokemon game is nearly upon us (October 12th), and of course that means it's time for another great distribution event.  This one should be of interest to fans because you'll be able to get all shiny versions of the legendary Pokemon that appeared in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum! Come inside to check out when you can get them. 

DuckTales Remastered Release Date (and Boxed Version) Revealed!

Excitement was pretty high when it was revealed that the classic NES game DuckTales was getting an HD remake in DuckTales Remastered.  However, no release date was given, and all we had to go on was 'sometime this Summer'.  Well no longer!  Capcom has announced today that we'll be able to get our hands on the game next month (August), and provided details on an upcoming boxed version of the game.  Come inside for the full scoop.

Check Out the Xbox One’s Official Box Design

Soon after the Xbox One announcement event, some of the other major studios were finally able to say they were working on games for the console.  Unsurprisingly one of these was Battlefield 4, but on the developers website they featured an image which seemed to give us our first look at the box art for the upcoming next-gen console.  Now Microsoft has confirmed the look. 

The Casual Cinecast Discusses Criterion’s In the Mood For Love

In this week's episode of Casual Cinecast's "Casually Criterion", the gang discusses Wong Kar-Wai's In the Mood for Love and breaks down the latest...