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The President is in Trouble Again in the First Trailer for...

The first trailer for Angel Has Fallen, the 3rd film in the Fallen series, has arrived and once again the leader of the free...

It’s Weather Gone Wild in First Geostorm Trailer

If you love disaster movies, then this first trailer for Geostorm should scratch a particular itch, with massive tornadoes, tsunamis, and loads of destruction.  come inside to check it out!

Who Are The Worst Reviewed Actors In the Biz?

Some actors often seem to find themselves in movies which are mauled by the critics. Whether it is deserved or not, these actors find themselves—more often than not—getting pounded in the reviews. Who are the worst reviewed actors in the business? Let’s find out.

Gods Clash in the First Trailer for Gods of Egypt

Just a few days after the posters for Gods of Egypt were released, and caused an epidemic of sensory overload, we now have a trailer.  Take a look.

Gods of Egypt Release Colorful Character Posters

The Gods of Egypt posters are out and we have them...viewer discretion is strongly advised...so are sunglasses...

A New London Has Fallen Trailer Has Arrived

A new trailer for the sequel of Olympus Has Fallen, takes Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart across in the pond in London Has Fallen.  Take a look!

Focus Features Sets Release Date for London Has Fallen

Did you enjoy last year's Summer flick, Olympus Has Fallen, which starred Gerard Butler as a badass defending the President after the White House was attacked (not to be confused with the other very similar film)?  Well, whether you did or not, a sequel is in the works, and now the studios have set a release date for London Has Fallen, which will see Butler return to star.  Come inside for all the details so far. 

Machine Gun Preacher Review: Reality Is Often Far Better Than Fiction

Reality does often give us stories that fiction often pales in comparison to.  Knowing that there are true heroes that live among us, forging along paths that few would dare to tread gives us all hope that there is good in this world and it's worth fighting for.  In the incredible tale of Sam Childers, the violent, drug-addicted biker turned Christian soldier for the oft-forgotten orphans of Africa, we learn firsthand not only that everyone is worthy of a second chance, but a man with a mission can truly change the world, one bullet at a time.

Gerard Butler sports some righteous hair as ‘Machine Gun Preacher’

Pictures have hit the net giving us the first full look at Gerard Butler as the titular gun wielding man of the cloth.

Hasbro Reveals New Ghostbusters Toys at Toy Fair

During their Toy Fair 2020 presentation, Hasbro revealed a slew of new Ghostbusters products based on both the original film and the upcoming one....