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Imagineer Systems Introduces Mocha Plus and Mocha 4 for Your VFX...

Imagineer Systems has created special effects software that has won Academy Awards in their uses in films, and now they're set to roll out two new Mocha platforms for filmmakers to utilize.  Come inside to learn more about each one, what's new, and how they can assist your post-production process.

The Secret Village to Hit Theaters in October

In today's Indie Beat, The Secret Village, a movie we've covered before, is now getting a theatrical release date, just in time for Halloween.  Come inside to check out when you can see this indie horror film in theaters before it's hits DVD in December.

Casually Criterion Journeys to the Askewniverse with Chasing Amy

In this Casually Criterion episode, Justin, Chris and Mike take on Chasing Amy and breakdown break down Bojack Horseman's final season! It’s time for another...