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The Seven Greatest Director/Actor Combos

 Some actors and directors go together like spaghetti and meatballs. They just gel together in a rare way that makes their collaborations special. Here is a list of the seven best parings of director and actor in film history.

Interview with Clive Revill

It was our pleasure to speak with actor Clive Revill preceding his appearance this weekend at Dallas Comicon Fan Days. You may best remember him as the voice of the Emporer in The Empire Strikes Back but this man has had a career spanning stage, television and screen. I was very happy to speak with him abotu his career.

Exclusive: 'Bloodline' Writer/Director Matt Thompson Talks With Cinelinx About the Eerie Horror Thriller

Actor, director and screenwriter Matt Thompson is a man with the same quintessential questions we have about the supernatural forces that have been with us forever. Ten years after his initial idea for the Osiris Films horror movie Bloodline, the film is finally ready for a September 27, 2013 release. A true labor of love guided by gut instinct, providence and daring “just go for it” faith, Matt chatted over the phone with Cinelinx writer Kyra Dawson to tell us all about the experience of wearing 3 hats in the production of Bloodline. Juggling the filmmaker triad of roles -- screenwriter, actor and director -- is a daunting effort that only a daring few are willing or intrepid enough to attempt. Come inside and see what took place on set at Bloodline and find out if Matt believes in curses and possession.

Exclusive Interview with Faran Tahir - The Villain You Love to Hate

We got to talk to actor Faran Tahir about his upcoming role in Elysium and Escape Plan. Faran Tahir is a familiar face in so many hit television shows, movies and theatre. From the first Star Trek remake to the hit series Warehouse 13 he has played a wide spectrum of characters and shares some of his stories of getting into the business to future plans. Listen to the interview after the jump.

6 Actors Who Simply Ruled 2011

Some actors have greatness from the beginning, while some develop greatness overtime. Whatever the case may be, these six actors featured below delivered star performances in a great many films, and were forever in the public eye in this past year. And in my eyes, that is a great achievement worthy of praise. I wouldn't exactly call this a list of the best actors of the year; more like the most popular, most relevant in the public eye. From veterans to newcomers, these are the six actors who established a foothold on their popularity in the year of 2011.

Actors Who Can't Escape the Roles That Made Them Famous

Every actor dreams of being successful. For actors, the success they seek usually culminates in that one big role that changes an actor’s life forever. It’s the role that really puts them on the map. The role that takes them from the ‘No List’ to the A-List, the Moby Dick of acting better known as ‘The Role That Changed My Life’. It’s the role that makes an actor famous, the one role that they will forever by associated with as they go down in Hollywood history.

Exclusive - TMP Interviews: Mike Lordi, Writer and Director of Retribution

Retribution. What does that word mean to you? Mike Lordi, director of Paranormal and Trepidation, gives us his rendition of the meaning of the word in a film of the same name.

Retribution is Lordi’s latest film about a man named Ryan Mitchell who wants to find out who is responsible for the mysterious murder of his friend Max. There are two gangs that Max was a part of that top Mitchell’s list. One gang is lead by Marcos while the other gang is lead by Dmitri, however, both gang leaders work for Tony Gallinari. Agents Harris and Bates, who have other plans for the Gallinari crime family, intercept Mitchell’s crusade for vengeance. Watch as the action unfolds in this crime thriller as Ryan Mitchell attempts to get RETRIBUTION.

Retribution is about to start the festival circuit and I got a chance to chat with Mike Lordi about his film, what it’s like to not only write and direct a film, but also to act in the same film, as well as a little bit about his thoughts on filmmaking.

Elizabeth Taylor Dies at Age 79

Sad news comes out of Hollywood today. Elizabeth Taylor a screen legend and icon died early this morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where she had been being treated for congestive heart failure for approximately six weeks was the statement issued by publicist Sally Morrison. Elizabeth Taylor was 79.

TMP Interviews: Corey Hardrict of Battle Los Angeles

Corey Hardrict is definitely a rising star. You’ve seen his face for years and I’m guessing that in only a couple more he may just be a household name. I recently interviewed him and it was refreshing to meet someone who is as enthusiastic and appreciative as he is for all of the opportunities he’s been given.

Battle: Los Angeles is loosely based on a true occurrence from February 1942, I’ll leave you to the joy of Google for further details. The movie revolves around a marine platoon’s battle against an Alien invasion taking place in Los Angeles. I’ll throw in a trailer below but I can save you the time: It looks great – watch it.

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