The Recap: Cloverfield, Black Panther, and Hitman

Let's get caught up on the week with The Recap. So who else was shocked when Cloverfield came from left field with a trailer for the sequel? I mean really, well done keeping that one under wraps guys. Marvel is making moves with The Black Panther and announced earlier this week we have a director and comic fans seem to be happy for once. Wonder Woman would literally be nothing without Hippolyta and now we know the actress playing her. Amazon Prime is giving you another offer that you can't refuse and if you wnat a discount on games you're gonna want to hear about this. Lastly Hitman is taking a direction that's not so much as bold but more kinda well experimental with a high chance of disaster. Matt's got duties so let's check out The Recap. Also follow the links below for the full versions of the stories.


Amazon Fighting With Book Publishers Should Set An Example For Games

If you are not a book buyer at Amazon you may not know that Amazon is currently going through a fight with publishers. It has been happening on and off with them for a while, but just recently Amazon took some big steps. One of those steps was to email all their users that prices are just ludicrous for being ebooks and they want something done. In return publishers have been firing back stating it is unfair, yatta yatta. Well as a consumer, we fight with Amazon, and here is why. 


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