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Warner Bros Goes With a Rookie to Direct The Flash

As the rest of DC's Extended Universe begins to inch closer, it looks like Warner Bros. has chosen a director to helm the big screen version of The Flash.  He may be a rookie director, but you undoubtedly know his name: Seth Grahame-Smith.  

Casting Begins for Power Rangers Movie

Dean Isrealite's upcoming movie reboot for the Power Rangers is still moving along at a nice pace and it looks like Lionsgate is getting casting underway, with a shortlist of actors up for the primary Rangers.  Come inside to see who the "teenagers with attitudes" might be. 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Will Be PG-13

Batman v. Superman is still months away but as of today we got something new, it’s rating. Yes it looks like Batman v Superman will be rated PG-13. Now this isn’t that big of a surprise most of the movies in this genre are rated PG-13. However it has gotten really lax these days on what you can get away with on a PG-13 rating. Let’s face it will there be violence? There damn well better be. 

No Hulk in Civil War?

After much speculation and rumors, Mark Ruffalo has put to bed the rumors about his Hulk appearing in Captain America: Civil War, saying his role was cut for something potentially bigger.  Come inside to see his quotes! 

Will The Microverse Replace the Negative Zone in Civil War?

The Negative Zone was a vital part of Marvel’s “Civil War” comic book storyline. However, we obviously won’t be seeing it in Captain America: Civil War because it’s currently a Fox property, along with the misused Fantastic Four. So will the whole aspect of a special, inescapable prison be eliminated from the third Captain America movie? Not necessarily. Maybe it will be somewhere else. Somewhere like…the Microverse!

Four of 2016's Biggest Films Wrapped Production this Weekend

This past weekend turned out to be a busy one, as not one, but FOUR of the big budget films slated to hit next Summer have officially wrapped filming and are moving to the post-production phase.  Suicide Squad, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Independence Day: Resurgence are all that much closer to hitting the big screen!

5 Things We Know About the New Spider-Man: The Good Signs and The Red Flags

The newest incarnation of the amazing Spider-Man will make his cinematic debut on May 6th of next year in Captain America: Civil War, played by Tom Holland. Many people are optimistic about an MCU version of Spidey while others are leery of yet another reboot so soon after the previous two versions. Cinelinx looks at what we know so far about the newest wall crawler in town, regarding what seems promising and what looks troubling.

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