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Mark Hamill Will Voice The Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke

After learning that Warner Bros. was going to adapt The Killing Joke as an animated film, fans immediately began hoping that the iconic voice of Mark Hamill would return to portray the Joker in the villain's most memorable story.  Looks like fans are getting their wish.  

5 Things To Make Aquaman Awesome on the Big Screen

With Aquaman finally coming to the big screen, a mere 75 years after his comic debut, DC now has to make the Atlantean hero interesting and entertaining to casual fans, as well as comic readers.  They have a lot of damage to undo since Aquaman’s image has suffered over the years. Here are 5 ways that Zack Snyder and Jason Momoa can make the King of the Seas cool again.

5 Villains Batman Should Fight in DC's On-Screen Universe

With Warner Bros. new Batman set to hit the big screen in two different films next year, and reports of Ben Affleck directing the next solo Batman adventure, I've been thinking a lot about his rogues gallery, and the villains who deserve some big screen love.  Come inside to find out why I think these five villains deserve a shot at taking down the Bat!

Grant Morrison and Others Argue That Wonder Woman Should Not Be Violent

As with most re-imaginings of comic characters, the new version of Wonder Woman seen in the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is already getting her share of critiques and judgments. One of the most vocal criticisms about the trailer is from respected comic book writer Grant Morrison, who wonders if fans will see the real Wonder Woman or an ultra-violent imposter who runs contrary to the peace-loving history of the iconic heroine.

SCNS Live: S4 EP 18 - SDCC Postgame

This week's new episode of the Super Cool Nerd Show is all about wrapping up, and talking about our adventures from San Diego Comic Con, including videos from our time there, the favorite things we saw, and more.  Come inside to watch!

SDCC Is Still Relevant, But Not For the Same Reasons

Between major movie studios passing up the event, footage being released online (or leaked), and a general lack of MAJOR reveals, this year’s SDCC felt a little more subdued than usual.  As it has over the past years, discussion about the continued relevancy of San Diego Comic-Con has been tossed.  I think that’s a little over dramatic, but not entirely off the mark.  SDCC is still an important event, though not for the same reasons.  

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