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The Green Lantern Corps May Appear in Justice League

 Will we see a Green Lantern in the upcoming Justice League movie? According to The Wrap, we will. It may not be Hal Jordan, but if their inside information is true, expect to see a green-garbed, Power Ring-wearing corps member pop up during a “key sequence”.

Critics Tweet First Thoughts After Screening of Dr. Strange

 Marvel is continuing their habit of allowing critics and reporters to post their initial thoughts on social media shortly after the first screenings of one of their movies has completed. Now that the first screening of Marvel’s Doctor Strange has been shown, the tweets are coming. So far, the reaction from the critics seems to be mostly positive. Here are some of the tweets about the film’s advance showing.

Didja Know? - Domino

A few days ago, we reported that Fox had a short list of actresses they'd like to play as the deadly assassin, Domino.  While the general public may not be too familiar with Domino, we know exactly who she is.  Which brings us to the inaugural video, introducing you to unknown comicbook characters going to the big screen.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Didja Know?

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