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Cult of Chucky trailer is Here

Move over Annabelle, the doll that started it all is back and he’s got a score to settle. In 1988 serial killer Charles Lee Ray used a voodoo ritual to put his soul into the body of a good guy doll, Chucky. 29 Years and 7 movies later Chucky is ready to finish off some loose ends in the 7th  installment of the Child’s Play series Cult of Chucky.

Eric's Blu Review: Curse of Chucky

It's been almost a decade, but Chucky's back! Universal Home Entertainment gives fright fans Curse of Chucky just in time for Halloween. There's no doubt that decades down the road, the image of the deranged Good Guys doll will be immortalized right next to the Universal Classic Monsters like Frankenstein's creation, Dracula, the Wolf Man, the Mummy, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Right or wrong, the Child's Play movies and their sequels have made that big of an impact on pop culture.

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