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TFGP Episode 71

It’s a big cast party time for this brand-spanking-new episode of TFGP. In this awesome episode, Kyle discusses his current obsession with For Honor, and Eric goes downer with his thoughts about the pre-launch info on the Nintendo Switch. Get ready for a big party chat with the cast of The Fathergamer Podcast.

SCNS - S6E5 - For Honoring Halo

In the 5th episode of the Super Cool Nerd Show, the team breaks down the biggest game coming out this week, For Honor!  Plus, Rob fills us in on what he's watching in Channel Control.  Meanwhile, BC is watching Logan so Jason the X fills in on SCNN.  Can he handle the pressure?  Finally, we honor the Halo series and discuss where the series is headed.  Join us for another hilarious and informative episode of SCNS!  

Our Weekend With For Honor (Alpha Impressions)

Matt and Dustin had the chance to check out Ubisoft's For Honor closed alpha this past weekend, getting some solid hands-on time with the highly anticipated action game and bringing their thoughts to you.  Come inside to see what they had to say after lengthy game time.  

Ubisoft Reveals Characters and Collector's Edition

Now For Honor was one of the games that got me excited from E3. I love hack and slash games like Dynasty Warriors that are just fun to play. Well we’re getting more information from the upcoming game including new screenshots, characters, and the collector’s edition.


So first off the roster. Now we knew the factions were going to be The Legion representing Knights, The Chosen representing the Samurai, and The Warborn representing The Vikings. But know we know the classes within.

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