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Flashback: KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park

In 1978, there were two things on the minds of boys ages 5 to 16. OK, maybe three. They were KISS, Star Wars, and girls. You pick the order they were in for you personally. I was 6, so girls really hadn't figured into the equation yet.

Nerd Approved: IDW's KISS Comics Continue Winning Streak with Unique Concepts and Storylines

To say that IDW Publishing has successfully revived the KISS comic franchise in a unique and entertaining manner would be an understatement. The band has become an energy that surpasses four physical bodies and now can be immortalized through the spiritual transportation of their mystical souls to other individuals… or possibly life forms? It's sort of like how the real group will live on for many more decades through countless tribute bands across the world. If fans get on board and stay onboard, there's no limit to the adventures we could see the "Four-Who-Are-One" embark on.

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