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Emergency Warning for Zombie Apocalypse Goes Out on Local TV

I think that most people, on some level, all believe that the Zombie Apocalypse is going to happen.  To hell with the Science, for many of us it's a matter of when and not if.  So when a local TV station in Great Falls, Montana issued an emergency broadcast warning about the dead rising, some took it seriously. 

Remembering A Hero: Earthworm Jim

Game protagonists are a big part of any gaming experience. Our heroes often determine how well we remember certain games, and how easily we forget them. This edition of Remembering a Hero looks to Earthworm Jim and his outrageous quest into 2 dimensional platforming. 

Remembering A Hero: Cosmic Spacehead's Linus Spacehead

Game protagonists are a big part of any gaming experience. A likeable hero can make the difference between an unforggetable classic and a less-said-the-better stinker. This edition of Remembering a Hero looks at Linus Spacehead, his adventures of astronomical proportions, and why his appearance in Cosmic Spacehead is well worth exploring again today.   

Nerd Approved: Star Wars Comics Going Back to Marvel

Back when Star Wars first came out it took to the comic book world in order to bring more adventures to a rabid fan base.  Marvel handled the comic duties at the time but in the years since Dark Horse Comics have dutifully carried the franchise through some of the most memorable comic events for the Star Wars mythos.  Now, the galaxy far, far away is coming back home to Marvel.

Nerd Approved: James Cameron Enlists the Mythbusters to Defend Titanic's Ending

Movie buffs can be a strange group some times and we're among the most nitpicky, even when it comes to movies we love so much.  Take Titanic for example.  The recent re-release of the film sparked an old debate about how Jack (DiCaprio) could have lived and there was enough room on the "raft" for both of them.  It sounds like James Cameron has had enough of the debate and is bringing in the Mythbusters crew to settle it once and for all.

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