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Collin's Top 10 Movies of 2016

The year marks an important for me film-wise: 2016 is the year I started writing about movies. I didn’t start the year thinking it would lead here, but here I am. I started off with a challenge: Watch a movie for every day of the year (currently at 406 for the year), and diversify my choices. I wanted to catch up on foreign films, silent films, and classics that I had missed. It slowly became a race to see everything that 2016 had to offer. And while I fell way short, I’ve only seen 63 films from 2016 and here are my ten favorites and some honorable mentions.



Weekend Box Office Top Ten

It’s the Weekend Box Office presented by Cinelinx. Suicide Squad still tops the box office on its second week. Sausage Party on its first week hit the second spot. Also Pete’s Dragon came in third on its first week. The Secret Life of Pets holds still on the top ten on its sixth week. And Florence Foster Jenkins come in at Number eight on its first week.


The Top 10 One-Hit-Film Wonders

Every once in a while, an actor will come on the scene with impact, impressing everyone with a powerhouse debut performance. But sometimes a great freshmen performance fails to lead to a good follow up, and the person who made the impressive debut starts to fade from the scene. It’s always sad when such potential is unmet. Here are 10 actors who started with a bang but faded with a whimper.


Ranked: Ten Best Tony Scott Movies

With the tragic death of Tony Scott, Hollywood has lost yet another visionary perspective. While Tony's movies didn't always get the same praise and popularity as his older brothers', he still made a lasting impact on cinema in his own way. This list is a tribute to those shining moments in his career and give us all a chance to appreciate his contribution to the art of film.    


Box Office Top 10 April 22-24: Rio Goes Against the Family

Rio beat out Madea's Family on Easter Weekend 2011. It was a busy weekend, as the top two films made over $25 million each and the next two films each topped $10 million. It's a good sign that people may be headed back to theaters just as the summer season approaches. Elsewhere, Hop jumped into blockbuster territory, as the CGI Easter flick topped the $100 million mark in ticket sales.

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