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Arrow Casts Mr. Terrific For Season 4

As the new season of Arrow approaches we get more and more news for what the series has in store later this year.  Today brings news that one of my favorite comic characters is finally getting the live-action treatment: Mr. Terrific.  Come inside to learn more!

Wonder Woman's New Director

With the departure of Michelle MacLaren from Wonder Woman fans have been wondering who would be able to fill her shoes. Well parting a project for creative differences is nothing new for the replacement as well. 

How the Penguin Saved Gotham

The new series Gotham is still finding its feet and many of the cast members seem unsure of where to go with their roles. However, there is one definite bright spot in the series and that’s Robin Lord Taylor as the Penguin, who’s by far the best thing on the show.

CW Releases First Teaser Trailer to The Flash

Fans of Arrow were in for a treat during the two-part Season Finale as the first "official" trailer to the much anticipated The Flash aired. While images of Grant Gustin's costume were first leaked back in February, this is the first time viewers got to see the full costume in action.

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