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Is 1939 the Greatest Year Ever for Films?

The film industry goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, and most experts still maintain that 1939 is the greatest single year in movie history. At no other point in the long chronicle of the film industry has Hollywood had such an ability to draw in and hold and audiences. Cinelinx looks at 1939. 

The 50 Most Annoying movie cliches: Part One

Movie cliches...Where would the film industry be without them? We don't know but we'd like to find out. Everyone recognizes them when they see them. We roll our eyes and write annoyed posts on the internet about the lazy scriptwriting. Cinelinx has collected the 50 worst movie cliches. Come in to see part one of our list.

Remembering Roger: An Ebert Tribute

He was a journalist/critic, author, TV personality and Pulitzer Prize winner. Roger Ebert reached a level of celebrity that few critics ever reach. He was one of the most talented writers among the field of critics and had an interesting life story. One year after his death on April 4th, 2013, we remember the talented Mr. Ebert.

The Top 10 One-Hit-Film Wonders

Every once in a while, an actor will come on the scene with impact, impressing everyone with a powerhouse debut performance. But sometimes a great freshmen performance fails to lead to a good follow up, and the person who made the impressive debut starts to fade from the scene. It’s always sad when such potential is unmet. Here are 10 actors who started with a bang but faded with a whimper.

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