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The 12 Best Movie Sequels Ever

Movie sequels are big business for Hollywood. Many fans are getting burnt-out on sequels, especially since so many of them are unnecessary. Still, let’s not forget that when they’re done right, sequels can be great. Here are a dozen of the greatest sequels ever made.

7 Movies We Actually Want To See a Sequel For (That Deserves Them)

Every year, a plethora of movie sequels hit the big screen, and always seem to perform well, no matter how terrible they may be.  Cinephiles often lament the deluge of sequels, especially for the many films out there who get them that don't really need them (like Grown Ups 2 or Smurfs 2) .  A few weeks ago, I discussed the films that we'd love a sequel too, but should leave alone, and now (in the spirti of thinking positive), I've come up with a list of movies that we actually want to see, and are deserving of a sequel.  

6 Movies We Want a Sequel To, But Should Totally Leave Alone

Everyone has those movie they love so much, they leave the theaters thinking “I can’t wait for the sequel.”  It happens.  It doesn’t even have to be about continuing the a great story.  Sometimes it’s just because we want to see more of the world that was established and spending more time with the characters we know.  There are some movies so great, we desperately want a sequel in order to see more...but that’s not always the best idea.  There are times when a story, and it's characters, just need to be left alone, no matter how badly we want a sequel.  So today, I've compiled a list of films that fit this description.  Come inside to check them out!

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